Wednesday, 30 January 2019


Benjamin Hobbs:

The 2019 checklist remains intact this week! So we can focus on on more immediate items of interest. 

For example:

It's the last Wednesday of the month so the newest CIH? should be in stores. Has GIANT SIZE JINGLES arrived at you LCS?  Sound off in the comments below!

Now in Previews:

Amazing promo strip courtesy of David Birdsong. 

Next Week: CIH? cover comparison!


nona said...

Not trying to be contrary but what exactly is supposed to be the point of all these “new” cerebus comics?

Tony Dunlop said...

Um...entertainment? That's be my guess.

nona said...

Ah, to damn with faint praise!

Disappointing I always saw “Cerebus” as having the potential to mean much more...

Glen said...


I haven't bought any of the "Cerebus in Hell" comics. Not even sure if my
local comic book shop ("Mostly Comics" in St. Catharines, Ontario) even carries them.
Seeing the same 3 or 4 images of Cerebus copy & pasted into an entire comic book or series of comics doesn't hold much interest for me.
The parody covers are getting old too.
If Gerhard decided to draw an entire Cerebus comic written by Dave sign me up.
I know it will never happen.

Jeff said...

Glen, if you haven't bought or read any of them, then how can you deign to pass judgment? The humor is in the writing, as was the case with most of the original "Cerebus" run. Yes, there are some clunkers, but there's a lot of clever, funny, even lol stuff in there. Also, there's only so much Dorรจ "Divine Comedy" stuff with which to work.

And, yes, a one-shot Gerhard/Sim CIH?issue would ROCK! Maybe we could all fund a Kickstarter for that. Hmm?

Carson Grubaugh said...


I dunno about a Gerhard/Sim collaboration, but I got scans of the first few finished inked panels from a short Gerhard/Grubaugh collaboration this morning.


Jeff said...

Dude! You abide!!!

Jeff said...

FYI, that was delivered in my best Sam Shepherd, "I can still tickle them with my voice, somewhere between their belly-buttons and Christmas" voice, as does Sam and as does Sim.

The quote is something that Dave wrote to me many years ago, when I asked him about how much whiskey and cigs did it take to develop his phone voice. He replied that it was copious amounts, but that he had stopped. "Still," he wrote, well, the above, but by Sim.

Will Collier said...

Did this issue ever ship? My local store does a pull for me (Oxford Comics in Atlanta), and they didn't get any copies either of the last two weeks.