Saturday, 5 January 2019

Please Hold For Dave Sim 1/5/2019

Hi, Everybody!

It's the first Saturday of the year! Which means it's time to: "Please Hold For Dave Sim"!

But first: So Dave called on Thursday, after his four o'clock prayer time, and we had about an hour until his five o'clock prayer time. About an hour. I was hoping to get through this in thirty minutes or less. 




Dave called about 4:10 PM. We talked until 5:20 PM. My video recorder automatically broke up the video after thirty-three minutes and thirteen seconds. It did that twice. Then it made a video that was a minute and eighteen seconds long.

So, I broke up the first 33:13 section where there was a pause in our conversation. I tried to do that again with the next bit. After that, I just winged it, or that's where the camera stopped and restarted. Hopefully these make some kind of sense. I got a phone call on my phone during part four. Don't worry, I explained to my aging father later that he must NEVER CALL ME AGAIN on the first Thursday of the month between four and five pm

We start off on task, talking about Hot Wacks (you're welcome Steve...)

And then... And then, we move on to EVS, Comicsgate, that "The TRUTH about Dave Sim" video, and then it was bye-bye time.

I have four faxes from Dave about the latest brouhaha. One TO Dave, one FROM Dave, another TO Dave, and one FROM Dave TO me about EVS and Cyberfrog. I'm running all them on Monday.

I'm also working on getting transcriptions of all these videos, but for now, enjoy:

Wasn't that fun? Huh? "An hour of your life you'll never get back"? "You'd rather have dental work"? "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"? Gee, guys don't spare my feelings or nuthin'...

Next Time: Sunday. Then come on back on Monday for "The Trial of Dave Sim"!!!


JLH said...

If you need someone to do transcripts of these, I'll gladly volunteer to do so.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Hired. Send whatever you can salvage to

And you'll be "AMOC Special Friend of the Month!" And whatever else I can figure out...


JLH said...


Roger! I'll work on them tonight and should have them for you by the morning.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Make sure to include the name you want on your certificate.


Slumbering Agartha said...

Thanks for all that work, Matt. It's really great to hear Dave's take on it all. Laughed pretty hard at the idea of you manning the helm of "Hell's version of AMoC".

Was really glad to get some clarity from Dave on this "scandal du jour". Yesterday I was having kneejerk reactions all over the place, directed at the lynch mob, but today was finding it all more difficult to process let alone dismiss, so it was great to hear the man say his piece on the subject.

Not sure if this is news or not, but Edwin, aka "that guy in Hawaii", is directly connected to, where Ethan's Cyberfrog has commanded over half a million dollars in donations.

comic book reader said...

I am glad that these videos were published. I saw the twitter mini-melt down happening live and was disappointed that EvS backed out so quickly. I like his art (though don't know much about his politics besides that he hated Last Jedi) I would have enjoyed him working with Dave.

Jeff said...

In one of those videos, as posted by Matt (second one, I think), Dave says that the inside of the Off-White House is a no-offense-taken zone.

Over 14 years of regular, or (nowadays) semi-regular correspondence between Dave and I, there were two distinct periods of six months, each time, purposely by Dave, of zero correspondence.

Both times, it seemed that I had either offended Dave, or pissed him off.

There is a nuanced difference.

But... 🤔

al said...

Ahh, yes - the devout PC puritans have deeply infected all walks of life.

al said...

Terrible recording. It's not hard to record a call (any call) in good quality.

Way too important to mess up.

Ask for help next time.

Slumbering Agartha said...

One thing that moved me was Dave wondering why no other cartoonists bother to recommend Cerebus to their fans. Dave certainly does his fair share of recommending or highlighting artists that send him work, and throughout his career he has done so much for other artists and for the industry--particularly self published artists--that I wouldn't even know where to begin to talk about it. You'd think he'd have earned some karma or something. I think people just forget the staggering amount of energy he poured into the industry and into helping people gain exposure. I think he could use a marketing person; someone who has his back and tirelessly promotes his work. Who am I to say what "he could use", though? I just don't want him to wallow in obscurity, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Comic Book Reader said...

despite all their bluster ComicGaters want to be accepted by main stream comic business (basically DC/Marvel) despite hating SJWs. They constantly accept basic SJW premises but just argue that they go too far (which is true) but think they can win an argument when SJW really don't care if comics fail anyway. It's easier for them to Bash Dave Sim, because he is "Literally Hitler" isn't he? They think this will win them some Good Boy Points with SJWs.
Plus the Fact that Dave Sim is an indie guy and doesn't write Superhero comics for DC or Marvel so he might as well not even exist really.

whc03grady said...

"If I had to pick somebody that I thought of as the most antagonistic [figure] towards me in the comic book field it would be Gail Simone."--Dave Sim, 0:16 in part 5 of 6
"Let's say [for the sake of argument] that Gail Simone is a fan of my work.'--Dave Sim, 1:24 in part 5 of 6

"One thing that moved me was Dave wondering why no other cartoonists bother to recommend Cerebus to their fans."--Mike Battaglia

"The issues Dave is making available digitally [on Comixology], to my mind, constitute a masterwork of comics. They are so good, there are only a handful of North American comics that can compete with them. The story being reprinted, High Society, is possibly my favorite single comics story ever... if someone were to ask me what comics to study to learn meaningful sequential storytelling, Cerebus would likely be in the top two or three choices I would recommend."--Gail Simone
"For the record, I still think the first half of CEREBUS are some of the greatest comics ever made, period."--Gail Simone



Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


You know I go a couple months without using my fax number, and now I gotta fax a small book up to Dave.


Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

It's not surprising to find "Dave wondering why no other cartoonists bother to recommend Cerebus to their fans." He doesn't participate in the medium where such recommendations happen. Is Michael B., who does participate online, unaware of these recommendations as well?

-- Damian

Jeff said...

FWIW, Dave continues to send a check to Ger on a semi-regular basis, even though Dave paid out Ger's 40% share of Aardvark-Vanaheim, Inc., years ago. Ger asked to be bought out, and they arranged a deal by which Ger would receive his share in annual payments, over (IIRC) five years. Dave, to the best of my knowledge, made every payment.

But, he still sends Ger a payment of 25% of all of the TPBs sold, on a regular basis. Was that part of the buyout deal? Dunno. Only Dave or Ger could confirm that, and they ain't talkin'.

My point is, if DVS makes a deal, he honors it, and then some. I learned that, by way of his generosity to me, and by way of his record.

As the venerable Yogi Berra (R.I.P.) used to say, "you could look it up."

Jeff S. said...

BTW, Grady, Gail Simone once insulted me, personally, online at the Cerebus Yahoo Group. I objected, directly, to her having done that. And, then, she apologized.

If you give me about a month, I could try to find it and post it.

BTW, I think that, at the time, she was just starting on Wonder Woman. But, you know, it's been a while.

Still, an apology, directly, from Gail Simone?

"It's *gold*, Jerry! GOLD!!!".

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Jeff S.: If I recall correctly (and you confirm above), Dave bought out Gerhard's share of the company. But, if I've understood Dave's comments about such matters, that deal has nothing to do with compensating Gerhard for his work on the comic. So we agree (what colour is the moon?): Good on Dave for honouring his business commitments.

-- Damian

Tony Dunlop said...

"...Gail Simone..."


(No, don't answer; I actually don't care, unless she's related to the great Nina.) (Or Joey and Dee Dee.)

Jeff said...