Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Hot Wacks

Happy New Year Everybody!

So, in preparation for January's "Please Hold For Dave Sim," I sent up an itinerary for our discussion. Top of the list was Steve's question about Hot Wacks.

To wit:
Comic metaphysics time:

I was bored last (Saturday) night and decided to do a "Dave Sim" eBay search, which lead to my noticing a number of auctions for a music mag called Hot Wacks with art by Dave.

Checking in on FanGirls' site I see Margaret has two issues listed - which in all the year's I've looked over her listings I'd never noticed.

But here's something else of Dave's worth having posted here in quality scanned images. And where's the original art? And how about Dave giving us his history behind this project; I've got absolutely no recollection of ever reading anything from Dave where he talks about these stories.

As I posted a few days ago, I'm interested in the story behind Dave's work with Hot Wacks.

And does the Archive have the original art for those stories, the First Fifth portfolio, and the Six Deadly Sins portfolio.

Just a few things this inquiring mind wants to know ~

 Dave faxed back:

So, there's some answers for ya Steve.

But wait, plunging the depths of the AMOC Cave, I ran across an old e-mail from Jeff Tundis, where he basically quoted this post from his Art of Dave Sim website:

Hot Wacks

Hot Wacks Quarterly is a magazine devoted to vinyl LP collectors (bootlegs, promos, picture discs, etc). From issue #1 (Winter, 1979) to #8 (Fall, 1981), Dave Sim was listed in the credits under "artwork." The magazine also contains a lot of T&A and is quite possible what Deni was referring to in her Blake Bell interview as the "soft core" magazine that Dave contributed work to.

Here is a rundown of the Dave Sim work therein.

Starting with issue one,

we have the logo

in classic ComicGraphics era style. Next, we have this great piece, which I'll call "Cocksucker Blues"

- as that's the name of the Rolling Stones article that it accompanies. "Proto Mick & Keef."

He also did the headers for the bootleg reviews column,

an article about promo counterfeits

and the back page "swap meet."

Issue two features repeats of the above material.

Issue three is the first appearance of 'Hard-Boiled' Dick.

Here's page one and page two.

Issue four gives us the next installment of 'Hard-Boiled' Dick.

Here's page one, and page two.

Issue five.

More 'Hard-Boiled' Dick - this time teaming up with Rudy, the World's Rudest Roadie! Here's page one, and page two. There's also this ad for the Hot Wacks T-Shirt.

Issue six

gives us the addition of the letters to editor header,

and an ad featuring a girl wearing the Hot Wacks T-shirt.

Issue seven

features the final installment of 'Hard-Boiled' Dick & Rudy. Here's page one, and page two.

Issue eight

features only another photo of another girl in the shirt
I got this feeling this is gonna be one of the top posts for a looonnnnggg time...

and the text from the "swap" illustration above. Although Dave Sim still gets the "artwork" credit, it's clear that he's moved on as the 'Hard-Boiled' Dick strip has morphed into Bootleg Dick in the 26th Century, illustrated by Bob Smith.

Tune back on Saturday to see what recollections Dave MIGHT have about Hot Wacks.

Thanks to Steve for the question, and Jeff Tundis for "feeding the Beast"

Next Time: Hobbs. Liss. Sim. Sim and me. Sim. Then me again.


Tony Dunlop said...

Holy Shit, Dave was doing his full-blown Mort Drucker impression way back then! I had no idea.

Steve said...

Mr. Matt -- all us Cerebus fans out here are indebted to you for the effort you've invested in AMOC.

Most sincere thanks and gratitude.

And thanks to Dave, being willing to pull himself away from his priorities with SDoAR and rummage through those long-locked memories.

If I had the resources I would volunteer my time to catalog the Archives, and do it while Dave was available to clarify and direct.

But New Mexico is a bit of a stretch for the commute.


Jeff said...

Tunny-Bunny is back!!!

Fank you, fank you, fank you, fank you, fank you bery nuch!

JLH said...

Happy new year! Woke up today to seeing people claiming on Twitter that Dave groomed a child into having sex with him. The fun never ends.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Tony: Dave has a collection of Mort Drucker splash pages from Mad. I think the difference between Dave doing "Dave Sim" and Dave doing "Mort Drucker" is very negligible at this point.

Steve: You're welcome? All I really did was copy Tundis' email.

Jeff: I...I'm...I'm starting to question your reading comprehension skills... Tundis isn't "back," he's wherever a Tundis would normally be located (probably at a Phish concert...) I just copied an old email from him.

JLH: Got a link? I should probably investigate, and let Dave know what's happening...


Jeff said...

Matt? I just want you to "make it so".


Tony again said...

I beg to differ, Matt. 1979-1981 in the pages of Cerebus, Dave was "doing" BWS and Neal Adams, mostly.

Birdsong said...
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Lee Thacker said...

This now too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7eOSJmBlP4&feature=youtu.be

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I CAN'T wait to talk to Dave about this video.

(Fug my life...)

Slumbering Agartha said...
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Eddie said...

I just realized the Comic Art Metaphysics involved with this post with a picture of Mick Jagger and the current attacks on Dave by the twitter mob and Ethan Van Sciver. I’m curious what they all think about Mick Jagger and David Bowie and Jimmy Page.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Ya want the REAL comic art metaphysics of the latest Brouhaha?

The "girl" in question turns 49 on Monday.

(You could make this stuff up, but I don't think anyone would buy it...)

Tony again said...

Van Sciver's attacking Dave on the Interwebs, eh? Sad, but based on what I read back in the "Comics Gate" flare-up here at AMOC I can't say I'm surprised. That crowd has what appears to be a well-deserved reputation for small-minded viciousness. The good news is, sensible people like me who have nothing to do with (anti)social media only hear about it in remote outposts like this one.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Not quite the situation.

Come on back on Monday, as I try to explain what's going on without using the phrases: "motherfucker" "doucheknuckle" and "banana"

(It's a strange situation...)

Dominick Grace said...

The age of consent in Canada was 14, until 2008. And consent as young as age 12 is still permitted, though not with someone older than 14.


Eddie said...

Matt: And adding to the metaphysics: David Bowie and Elvis's birthdays are on Tues. Jimmy Page's birthday is on Wed.