Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The Great 2019 AMOC Re-Read Part, the fourth

Hi, Everybody!

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Speaking of Volume 1,
The GREAT a Moment of Cerebus 2019 Re-Read 

Continuing with my thoughts on Cerebus "Year Two" (issues 7-12) (I know, I know, TECHNICALLY, "Year Two" includes issue 13...)

One of the things I notice, is Cerebus' sword. In issue 7, he looses it. To wit:
No sword.
Then in issue 8, he's given a sword. It's toned, but is it his?

Note: it's NOT toned when the Conniptin is holding it. But it is when Cerebus grabs it.
Regardless of whether or not this is Cerebus' sword, he loses this one in issue 12:
You don't see it, but it is mentioned as being under the gold in the boat.

And then there's the Roach. When he first shows up in issue 11, he looks like this:

And then in issue 12, he looks like this:

I'm assuming that issue 12 is the one where Dave used the Duo-Tone board, and that's why it looks like crap. (The first flaw I've found in the otherwise beautiful restored 17th printing.)

Going back to the end of issue 7, the narration tells us that Cerebus is tired of his current existence:
Yep, this page again...
Then in issue 8, he meets thConniptins and they pledge to follow him:

And in issue 9, he looses his army:

And issue 10 finds him back to living "his hand-to-mouth existence". And then 11 and 12 introduce the wall of gold.

All of which leads to a pretty good bit of foreshadowing at the end of 12 where Cerebus thinks about something that doesn't happen for 202 issues:
Issue 12
Issue 214
And that's not the only bit of foreshadowing in "Year Two" I've seen. There's also the end of issue 8 that foreshadows Guys and Rick's Story:
Wait for it...
Which forshadows in the first panel:
From Rick's Story

And then foreshadows in the second panel:
From Guys
(Okay, maybe not this SPECIFIC bit, but the general idea of Cerebus arguing with himself that pretty much dominates the last third of the series...)

Okay, join me next time for Cerebus going monthly.

Next Time: Hobbs, and the NEW 2019 Cerebus in Hell? checklist?


Jeff said...

"Might for might! Right for right!! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!"

Wasn't that something you used to chant at me 10 years ago, Matt?

It scared me, back then, and still kinda weirds me out. But, hey, "each to his own fetish", I say.

Michael Grabowski said...

On p. 160, we get the second indication that there's something different about the nature of Cerebus's soul, or whether he has one, when the spider in the pit "probes, seeking a soul... for its very world hinges on the figure it holds," and then drops Cerebus and falls away, "spiraling into oblivion." Dave has said that Cerebus is a magnifier for magic (iirc) but here and with the demon sphere/succubus, his very being seems to weaken certain demonic forces.

Then there's the second time an aardvark is suggested as an ancient deity/demigod/idol followed by a tribe/cult when Mit selects his disguise.

Tony Dunlop said...

Yep; makes one wonder just how much of the mythos we se hinted at in C&S, then more fully revealed in "Mothers and Daughters," Dave already had worked out at this early stage. This was pre-acid freakout, no?

Jeff said...

Mm. Tony, I think it was around the same time, although, of course, he wasn't producing the book while in the hospital. But, 18 months from December, 1977, makes it July of '79. I think that he had his bad reaction to the acid earlier that year, but I could be wrong.

Personally, I think he knew what he was doing and where he wanted to go with it from nearly day one. I learned a long time ago to take nearly everything that Dave says publicly with a huge grain of salt. The guy's a PR master.