Friday, 11 January 2019

Where does the time go? (Dave's Weekly Update #268)

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

Thanks again to the other nine people who called, you're the greatest!

You can reach Night Flight comics here.

Our very own Lee Thacker says:
Just in case you missed any of that (or need some links to copy and paste into your browsers)...

To contact The Wedding Present/Cinerama:
Facebook: TheWeddingPresentOfficial
Twitter: @weddingpresent

To buy Wedding Present stuff (including Tales From The Wedding Present comics):

For other work by Lee Thacker:
And Comiclink auctions (I's supposed to download and post all the pictures, but got busy. Sorry.)

And if you wanna check out the Deadly Class comic BEFORE the TV show, have I got a deal for you... (you got just under twelve days.)

AND and: if you wanna get in on the Great AMOC Cerebus Re-Read 2019, I'm reading the remastered Volume 1 (because it's truly a thing of beauty.) You can get a digital copy for $9.99, if you're so inclined.

AND AND and Your pal and Mine, Sean Robinson sent in:
For anyone who missed the Kickstarter, there's a Indiegogo live :)

Next Time: Just how beautiful is the remastered Cerebus Volume 1? Let me count the ways... (I'm starting the blogging of my re-read.)


Jeff said...

What's the whozit?!? (To quote a friend of mine.) Is it just me, or aren't these items currently on ComicLink different from the items Dave previewed last month? And, didn't he say it was going to be the January 14th auction?

Lee Thacker said...

I really appreciate Dave giving a 'heads up' to my comic book work. I never ask him to, but he continues to feature Tales From The Wedding Present every year in his weekly updates.

Slumbering Agartha said...

@ Lee -- I commend your consistency. It's kind of a slow burn, but I find myself more and more compelled to order the first issue. At this point, the only thing holding me back is the fear of then wanting to order all the ensuing issues.

Lee Thacker said...

Mike - the first few issues are actually sold out (although there is talk of getting them back into print). There will hopefully be a collected edition in 2020 so your best bet is to hold out for that! Cheers!

Slumbering Agartha said...

Good to know, Lee. Congratulations!