Friday, 7 February 2020

Title goes here (Dave's Weekly Update #325)

Hi, Everybody!


As to Michael's comment about the Please Hold videos, you're welcome Michael. But, I break them up out of necessity. A fifteen minute video takes about an hour and a half to upload to YouTube. And that's if my wife and kid aren't trying to use the internet at all. So, if there are six videos, that's my Saturday. (Plus, I've gotten better about taking notes about what Dave and I are talking about, so that the descriptions on YouTube aren't "gee I don't know, what the @#$% were we talking about?") But again, you're welcome!

Green Dante/Green Virgil!

And Cerebus Archive Number Eight: Women ends tomorrow. Dave Sim, himself, should be posting/answering questions from 3:30 to 5:30PM tomorrow afternoon (I believe that those are Eastern Standard Time.)

And if you haven't noticed over on the left there, the Blogger Contact Form has been removed due to an overabundance of Spam messages. If you REALLY need to contact me, post a comment, I'll see it. And if it's super important, yet something you want private, e-mail "moment of cerebus" (all one word) "at g mail dot com". I'd apologize for the inconvenience, but I'm the guy who was getting three spam messages a day, TWICE. So, not really sorry to see that headache go.

Next Time: Well, Dave's gonna be at the Kickstarter, so if I'm lucky, highlights from that...


Jeff Seiler said...

Man, do I hate it when I'm wrong. 😖

GRAIG NETTLES. 1967 through 1988. Eleven of those years with the ... patooie ... NYA.

2,700 games played in; 8,986 at-bats; 2,225 hits; 390 HR; 28 triples; 1,209 K's vs. 1,088 walks.

His career batting average was .248, with a high in 1978 of .276

He had a career OPS of .752, BUT, in his first year (1967, with the Twins, in 3 games, 3 at bats, no walks, 1 hit [a double]), he had a beautifully perfect 1.000 OPS (.333 OBP [with no walks] and .667 slugging average). All stats from "Total Baseball", 2nd edition, 1991.

I have no recollection of how I got into this ... disagreement ... but I concede that I was wrong.

Thanks, Dave, for returning the favor. 😉

Jeff said...

BTW, anyone care to guess why Nettles' nickname, while playing, was "Puff"?

I know that Dave Sim has a number of nicknames in his field, most of which should not be repeated, but I prefer "Sutherland", because his voice has, over the years, sounded like both Donald's and Keifer's, depending on which generation you "identify" with.

Michael R. said...

Hi Jeff!
I don’t know why I remembered that Graig Nettles spelled his name Graig and not Greg, but it sure didn’t seem right when I read it. Maybe looking at all my Topps baseball cards over and over as a kid. I went to to double check. I was right. Who woulda thunk. Well, at least you didn’t have to proof read Carl Yastrzemski. LOL.

Brian West said...

One of the first times I ever heard Dave's voice happened while watching the educational materials he had recorded for schools to use when employing JUDENHASS in their curriculum. I too got that Sutherland vibe when I heard Dave speak, Jeff.

Brian West said...

Oh, and for the record, Donald's voice was what came to mind. -- A Gen Xer