Wednesday, 11 March 2020

CEREBUS CAMPAIGN 2020 - Button #2

The Special Red State Edition is now on sale.  Why Red State?  Because the Democrats are still trying to figure it out.  (Also SandersVark and BidenVark got out of breath trying to wrestle for the title, but just wait 'til next month.)

Just like last time there are 50 buttons available and they feature a candidate that seems familiar somehow:

Button #2 - The Red State Edition
On sale now at:

eBay - Where Buttons Is For Sale

(link should open in a new window)

Special Note:  The price went up.  Why?  Well, honestly we nearly took a loss (broke even, that is) and then there is the Corona Virus.  Yes, that's right, the Corona Virus*.  Last time we were able to get all those nice little padded white envelopes from our supplier in China.  Yes, THAT China where someone got some bad bat soup or a kissed a snake or broke a beaker in a lab or something and now we all have to suffer (and find more cheap envelopes somewhere).

(*It's Covid 19 if you ain't a dang racist placing blame on the country the virus actually came from.)

One thing we can promise:  The price will not go up again.  The goal was always to offer something that any Cerebus fan could get for less than 10 bucks so we are still there.  No one is getting rich, but everybody is getting a button.  Well, not everyone, last time they sold out pretty quick.

It got's a pin made of gin-U-wine metal + fun red stripes

Special Note #2:  Last time there were multiple purchases from some buyers and like last time we aren't going to turn you down and if you want to get multiple buttons for other Cerebus fans then that's fine.  We still haven't decided on sets or second runs, but if we do offer a set we have already decided it will include a button exclusive to the set and not sold separately so some progress there.

Special Note #3 (UK Edition):  Paul S. and Anthony H. in the UK both got a really good deal on shipping because of a crafty US Postal clerk.  That isn't exactly guaranteed this time, but you both have a $10 credit.  If you happen to see this please contact me on eBay and DO NOT buy a button and we'll hold a couple back for you.  (This is mostly for Anthony H. because Paul S. (Hi, Paul S.) already contacted me.)

Chez Birdsong is full of buttons

$6.49 in the US with free shipping.  International rates (way too high) vary but despite what seems like eBay forcing you to pay through the nose we will combine shipping on multiple buttons.  Just ask the fans in Australia (man, I hope they got them by now).

And finally...

We just keep disappointing this guy

Next time:  Margaret Liss has another Dave Sim notebook entry probably planned in advance and ready to go and not written on the fly like this post.


Brian West said...

Bought and tweeted about it!

JLH said...

I just realized the three buttons will be able to replace Cerebus' three medallions soon.

Dion said...

Aussie button’s arrived! Thanks. I haven’t sent them on yet given the current apocalypse. But I’ll get there soon!