Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Dave's selling glamourpuss pages (no covers now, but the cover to issue #15 will be up next month...)

Hi, Everybody!

Yesterday I said:
That if Cerebus #300 was a person, this month it would be able to get a drivers license...

And Ger (who's got Cerebus art up for auction) dropped by and commented:
Let me know when Cerebus #300 is old enough to buy me a drink
Meanwhile, Cerebus #240 is wondering where the hell Gerhard is:

And since Ger got an auction preview post (and Eddie sent me this) Here's Dave's turn:

Click for legibility.

Click so's you can read it.

Click to see the ladies bigger (oh what Margaret? You gonna try and use the old "I click to see the articles" line? *cough*BULLSH!T*cough*)
You can bid here. (You're welcome.)

If Dave calls (still haven't heard for definite yet,) I'll ask him anything that gets posted here or sent to momentofcerebus@gmail.com

Next Time: The Guys Party Pack has SERIOUS questions about what happened last night:


Brian West said...

Hey Matt, I got couple questions for Dave.

Does he think the feminists' belief in "interchangeability" in gender, sex, race, even species, has gotten more or less pervasive in our society since he penned "Tangent" nearly 19 years ago?

Also, does he think that the debate about interchangeability is another enactment of GOD vs. YHWH unfolding before us or not?

Thank you for fielding my questions.

Dave Kopperman said...

Is that SDOAR date of Christmas 2021 accurate? I think that's the first announcement I've seen.