Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jaime Hernandez: Comic-Con Memories

Jaime & Beto Hernandez in the 1990s.
(from the article  Comic-Con Memories, 17 July 2012)
In September 1982, Gilbert, Jaime and Mario Hernandez published their first Fantagraphics issue of Love & Rockets but it premiered first at Comic-Con International in San Diego - and if you do the math you'll see why this year's convention was a special one for the illustrious family brand known simply as Los Bros Hernandez. Thirty years in the independent scene have made the Oxnard brothers a signature name at Comic-Con (not to mention the Southern California publishing and art scene) but Jaime Hernandez said it didn't get off to an auspicious start. "The first time we spotted Love & Rockets some guy was already selling it for half-off." There was a far more impassioned response at the 2012 convention as fans cheered the news about three upcoming Los Bros Hernandez releases (including “Love and Rockets: New Stories” No. 5) and a push into the digital world  - but it's fun to look back to the inky past, which is what we asked Jaime Hernandez to do with the list below.

Jaime Hernandez's list of 30 memories from 30 years of the big Con in San Diego included:

"23. I remember when Dave Sim threw parties."

Read the full list at LA Times.

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