Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The iPetition - Terry Phelps

(iPetition signatory no. 278, 13 March 2011)
Dave Sim is not a misogynist, he's just made an in-depth and fascinatingly idiosyncratic stand on the issue of the dark side of feminism. Let us remember that feminism is a political movement. It is not "women", and it is not a vulnerable victim to be protected from "brutish men". As a man who came of age during the birth of 70's feminism, Sim's courageous and heartfelt position is a unique testament to the social effects of a widespread and oft-irrational social movement that sought to disenfranchise talented young men like himself. Those who criticise Sim ought to do a self-check. You can go to one "women's studies' lecture and call yourself a feminist. Cheap entry. What Sim has done - whether you subscribe to every detail in Sim's worldview or not - is to compose a highly detailed and thought-through philosophical response to an overwhelmingly more powerful political movement than his lone voice. Regarding such a unique viewpoint, one is hardly going to agree with every aspect. But this effort will rank as one of the first sustained, complex responses in the postfeminist world to the unacknowledged evils of the feminist socio-political machine. I can't pretend to understand or agree with Sim's religious views. But I'm sure his social commentary will inform generations to come. 

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lylemcd said...

Just realize that feminists use the term 'misogynist' in the same way Dave himself uses the phrase 'male feminist' (or whatever he used to call EVER critic of his position in the letters), to dismiss criticism they don't want to address out of hand.

I'm not saying that Dave is right or wrong here, by the way. Just making the point. Humans are wonderful at dismissing things they don't want to hear out of hand by this way and often use terms like this to do so. It's easier than considering an alternative opinion.