Tuesday, 15 October 2013

More Kickstarter Commissions

(from Kickstarter Update #92, 22 September 2012)
1. "THE STRAND MAGAZINE" - Lord Julius and Duke Leonardi as Holmes and Watson. David and Jennifer are big fans of the 1980s Grenada Television adaptation which is why the stars' names appear in the cover "type". THE STRAND MAGAZINE was where many of the Sherlock Holmes stories first appeared.  
2. "SUENTUS PO" Alex's choice and I think the first time I've ever done a commission featuring the character, here seen meditating with his head in the Eighth or Ninth Sphere, heavily influenced by Jeff Jones and Al Williamson.
3. "JAKA EX LIBRIS" Jaka, Missy and a book is what Chris wanted. Again, heavily influenced by Jeff Jones and Al Williamson.  
4. "FIERY COMEBACK" or "UNIQUE CONVENIENCE" was purchased by a VERY prominent mainstream comics writer, anonymously, as a donation benefit piece for HERO ALLIANCE. I've borrowed the actual image for a series of prints: 
a) as "UNIQUE CONVENIENCE" it is numbered out of 10 copies and is available only to the Top 10 Number of Placement of 'The Paragraph' publicizing the HIGH SOCIETY AUDIO DIGITAL LAUNCH (it's named for the variety store directly below Sandeep's apartment which is where Sandeep would have ended up if he had taken a slightly longer shower and the floorboards -- which were already smouldering -- had given way beneath his bathroom

b) as 'FIERY COMEBACK" it is numbered out of 40. 37 of which will be sold by John Scrudder to benefit Sandeep, #1-#3 being retained for the Cerebus Archive and a special #0/40 being given to Sandeep himself. 


Anonymous said...

These are great. Dave should consider publishing a comic of commission pieces.

I really like the Jaka illustration, especially the detail on the blanket. Nice brushwork and line-work.

Dave is really great at these single-page vignettes. The Julius piece is funny. These pieces make it seem like it's effortless for Dave to come up with something funny. I really wish he'd do more comics in this vein. Not necessarily Lord Julius, but amusing character interplay.

This makes me think back to that IDW cover for Locke and Key Alpha 2, with the "ut no feelies" caption. Really liked that as well for similar reasons.

Dave is basically incomparable when it comes to comics depicting the subtle interplay of two people conversing.

Anyways, thanks for putting these up. Would love to see more.

-Reginald P.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love these, particularly the Strand. There isn't a higher resolution scan about, is there? This wants to be my wallpaper!

Thanks. Great blog, obviously.

Mike Fullerton

David Birdsong said...

Fiery Comeback or Unique Convenience is one of my favorites ever by Sim. The line work on the figure is just stunning.