Sunday 6 October 2013

Cerebus Re-Read: Count-Down To 10th Anniversary Of The End

Cerebus #61 (April 1984)
Art by Dave Sim
The Cerebus Re-read is an online event in which we will attempt to read (and discuss) all 300 issues of Cerebus between the dates of October 7th and March 10th, which is the 10th anniversary of the release of the ground-breaking 300th and final issue of the series. Hosted on ReplyAll.Me, the re-read will be conducted by webmaster Margaret Liss, Dave Sim & Cerebus afficianado Michael Hunt, and myself - comic shop owner Menachem Luchins. The platform of Reply All allows for a complete archive of the discussion the three will have AND a place for "audience" members to comment as well. Almost like a modern message board thread for the social media age.

The structure of the read will be informal, with a suggestion that readers try to finish 15-20 issues a week. The conversation will range all over the work but will focus almost solely on the content of the comic (and the inspirations for some of it) and NOT on the letter's columns, Sim's essays or other ephemera related to Cerebus. At times, attentions may end up being devoted to a single issue, at others a complete story-line encompassed in phone-book.

To get a feel for the Reply All structure and quality of the discussion there are already a few "pre-start" questions on the site. When discussing the Cerebus Re-read on social media, the hashtag will be #EPCCerebusRead.

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