Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Most Holy Needs You!

Are you hording rare Cerebus artwork? Do you have a stash of letters from Dave Sim?

Seriously, after over two years of daily blogging about Dave Sim and Gerhard's Cerebus I'm now scratching my head wondering if I can sustain this pace. I would like to keep this site updated everyday but I'm going to need YOUR help to do it. If you own any material that would make for a short blog post (artwork, correspondence, memories of discovering Cerebus, photos of Dave or Gerhard) please share it with other Cerebus fans. Send in anything you have to:

MomentOfCerebus [at] gmail [dot] com
Many thanks for your help,

I've checked with Dave about posting his correspondence here on 'A Moment Of Cerebus' and received the following reply: 


adampasz said...

Dude, your pace is insane. Don't worry if you need to slow down. We'll stick around.

Barry Deutsch said...

Is there any issue about publicly posting correspondence from Dave? Has Dave said that's okay?

Anonymous said...

You really have posted a remarkable range of material. Something I thought of: from time to time, a lot of people have mentioned doing a read-through of all 300 issues (or all the phonebooks). Might you consider doing something like that with this site? Maybe something like for a year (or 300 days), each day, you address one issue per day, and put up a panel or two from that issue of the day as a way of opening the comments. Readers of the site could be encouraged to read along at home, reading one issue per day for the full 300 days, offering some commentary as they read on. That would be a nice leisurely pace for the re-reading. Anyone could read ahead. If anyone fell behind, they could catch up very easily. It would give time for some thoughtful commentary.

Maybe this has already been done? I don't know. It could be fun, and it would let you breath a little! - Jim S

Anonymous said...

I like Jim's idea.

-Wesley Smith

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

The 'Cerebus 10 Anniversary Reread' is already now well under way:

Anonymous said...

I notice that the Cerebus re-read attracts 2 or 3 replies per week, 2 of which come from "cast members" -- I think one of them is the site administrator.

So, if the problem is too much staring and not enough replies, then I'd say a "read along" is not the solution.

I think the best longterm solution would be getting a volunteer or two to commit longterm to sharing the workload. Perhaps not easy to do, but if you found someone, no doubt very helpful. You need your Gerhard!

I think your request for individual submissions is probably a good second best solution, although it seems like you've used that approach in the past and perhaps that's not a great longterm solution.

Anyways, all the best with it!

- Reginald P.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Hi Reginald,
You strike me as a fellow with an opinion or two. Fancy a week-long spell in the AMOC Editor chair?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Thank you for the offer! I wasn't implying anything though! Much as I love (parts of) Cerebus, and appreciate your work on this website, I feel my part is to inspire, make suggestions for others to follow, and make clever comments when the mood strikes. ;)

I volunteer someone else for the job!

-Reginald P.

Eddie said...

What about this? People email Tim with the following subject heading (so he can easily identify it): My First Cerebus - Issue # (or phone book name).

Then they put their name (or alias if they want, or nothing), the year they bought it, a comment or 2 (or more) about what made them decide to purchase it (e.g. friend suggested it, store owner suggestion, something about it, etc), and their first reaction, and anything else they want to say about it, and then each one can be run by itself per day as they come in. And they can put in or leave out as much information as they wish (I'm thinking just a basic questionnaire format or something).

It may not generate a lot of comments, but I think it would help out with the daily posts. Maybe they could even publicize their website or something at the bottom. At the very least it might provide some interesting information/stats about when most people discovered it, how they discovered it, why they read it, etc.


A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Hi Eddie,
Good idea! Here's an open invitation to all AMOC readers to send in your answers to the following questions:

1. How did you discover Cerebus and how long did you read it for?
2. How has your own creativity / comics reading been influenced by Cerebus?
3. Do you have a favourite scene / sequence from Cerebus?
4. Would you recommend others read Cerebus, and if so why?

Dave Kopperman said...

That sounds great, Tim. I was actually thinking of something along the creativity lines, since it's virtually impossible to have been a comic artist and Sim/Gerhard fan and not have something of their approach turn up in your own work.

Barry Deutsch said...

I'd like to submit an answer to question #1 that talks about the panel from page 277 of Church and State. The panel depicts three or four figures of Sophia's mother in the same panel, walking across the room and waving a chair around.

Does anyone have a good scan of that panel handy? There's a partial scan of it here, but I'm hoping for a scan of the entire panel or entire page. (I'd scan it myself, but my scanner is broken.)

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Hi Barry,
If you email me any text you have, I can scan any images you need to go with it before posting.

Jeff Seiler said...

Tim, I have, literally, scores of letters from Dave, all post-Bible, but not much of it is content about Cerebus. Mostly, politics and religion. Also, I have a few pieces of art work, but no original pages. And I will help out with the questionnaire, too.