Saturday 14 December 2013

Dave Sim: "My Neil Gaiman Story"

My Neil Gaiman Story
by Dave Sim
from Guest Of Honor: Neil Gaiman
(Moondog's Inc, 1993)


Geoffrey D. Wessel said...

Ah, yeah! I have this whole thing somewhere. I was actually at the 1993 Chicago Con (tho by then I was already living in Indiana, but Moondog's was my local growing up in the Chicago burbs). I actually met Dave no less than 5 times during this show, 2 of which over smokebreaks. We compared his "sucking air through a straw" Canadian brand ultra-lights to the then just-in-test-market Camel Wides. Dave ran the roost during his panel too. Neil Gaiman was GOH (and rightly so!), but Dave ruled that con.

--- Geoffrey D. Wessel

ChrisW said...

I was at the '93 Chicagocon too. I was a brand-new Cerebus fanboy who didn't even have all the phonebooks yet. During the Q&A, I raised my hand like everybody else, even though I didn't have a question in mind and was just raising my hand like everybody else. And Dave called on me. My question was a stammered-out query about what Dave thought, say, DC should do with Superman the character [since Dave is into creators' rights and all] and Dave ignored all that and assumed I was asking about having a great idea for Superman or X-Force and what to do if you didn't want to sell it to Marvel or DC. He pointed to the then-popular "1963" as a perfect example of how to write your favorite characters without using the actual copyrights. He wound up using that in the "Guide to Self-Publishing."

The Neil Gaiman tribute is a fun book. I'm a bigger fan of Colleen Doran as a person than as an artist, and it's my absolute favorite Colleen artwork ever. Which she probably bashed out in 20 minutes. The Todd McFarlane piece is hilarious too.

And, just because I like to tell people, the Sweatshop Section from "1963" #6 gives a shout-out to Cuddly Chris Cantrecallhisname. That's me. :)