Monday, 10 February 2014

High Society Audio/Digital Experience

Cerebus: High Society Audio/Digital Experience
Art/Audio by Dave Sim
IDW, $29.99
On Sale: Soon!
The majesty of Cerebus' High Society goings-on come to life in this special presentation of Dave Sim's groundbreaking work. Remastered, animated, and with characters voiced by Sim, this is a must-have for any serious Cerebus fan... and the easiest way for new fans to experience this piece of comics history.

(A Moment of Cerebus, 16 May 2014)
Although I haven't seen the package in person yet, I have seen all of the artwork -- including the disk designs for all 13 disks in the box set and the DVD menu screens which are particularly nice -- and the photo of it (exterior and interior) in the PREVIEWS ad. Basically, a stunning piece of work by Justin Eisinger and his crew.

And, of course, I had no idea when I signed for it with IDW almost two years ago, that we were just at the beginning of the HIGH SOCIETY DRY SPELL with no end in sight.  So, as I said for Dirk Wood's press release -- which you should all be reading any minute now -- "IDW and Justin Eisinger to the rescue!" I'm hoping CEREBUS: HIGH SOCIETY DIGITAL AUDIO / VISUAL EXPERIENCE "works" for the stores not only as a stopgap measure while we're getting the book back in print...but as a comics-related product in its own right.

Really looking forward to holding one of them in my hands sometime soon!


Eric Hoffman said...

A free copy should be sent to the Kickstarter supporters who bankrolled this project.

David Birdsong said...

Bankrolled how? You paid for digital downloads of HIGH SOCIETY and the more you contributed to the project the more your rewards were. I feel like I got more than my money's worth on the deal.

Ray Cornwall said...

Really sharp design. And as a Kickstarter backer, I *don't* think I should get this as a freebie. It'd be nice if we had the chance to purchase it directly (signed copy?), but that's up to Dave and IDW.

Cerebus TV said...

The original Kickstarter to many reasonable Dave Sim and Cerebus supporters who donated, did seem to promise a hard copy on disk.

John Scrudder bailed out, the economics of the project having cost him a lot of time and money. We can't blame him as he did a yeoman job setting up a success that Dave Sim never believed possible.

We know there were complaints voiced about slow download speeds for the massive amount of data and the entry-level website used to host the downloads had limited bandwidth to meet the demand. Naturally, at the price break, there weren't the financial resources to do it otherwise.

To help out, we can put the digital downloads at the http://Cerebus.TV media server which has higher bandwidth, to make that easier in terms of speed.

Best wishes for success!

Michael said...

The $15 reward definitely says Special Edition High Society Audio Visual Book in Digital Format, and wraps up by comparing it to a Criterion Blu-Ray, so that definitely leaves one with the impression that it would ultimately be a disc, but it doesn't say so. Someone else can read through John or Dave's comments and see if they ever said "disc" in the context of how this would be released. It seems to me that once work got started, the project was always discussed in terms of downloadable files for backers to download.

What are you going to do with a disc, anyway? Put it in the computer, rip the files, and download them to a tablet or phone. Put the disc back in the book-case, and only occasionally look at it.

This disc here is something that came about later on, and wouldn't exist w/o IDW's investment.

Then again, I only backed the project so that Cerebus would get digitized, not because I wanted Dave to read it to me. As it turns out, the A/V approach is well done after all, though I doubt I'll ever view all of it.

The free links still work, and somewhat faster than before so if you still have George's final email with all of them, go grab it.

Jeff Seiler said...

So is this disc available through my comic shop via Diamond, or what? If so, shouldn't it be in next months' Previews? I assume it's not directly through IDW?

cae said...

I feel stupid but - where the heck can I pre-order/buy this? I just heard about it and, as a Cerebus fan since, erm - '84 or thereabouts, I'm dying to add this to the ol' collection. ANy help for an obviously dim person, here ... thanks.