Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cerebus Crystal Statute Mystery

(by email, 31 January 2014)
I was wondering if you could tell me something about a small glass, or crystal, figurine of Cerebus on a wood base. It is in a white box with the word Cerebus on white strips of paper that are pasted on. On the top is the following: Cerebus Series F NO= 2 of 50. Inside is a label that reads: Venessa - Crystal Creations and a phone number: 0582 580452. An internet search turned up nothing. I spoke with Dave Sim who did not remember it. If memory serves, Forbidden Planet in New York had this one in the 1990s. Any thoughts about its value?

(by email, 31 January 2014) 
This is the second such figurine to come up. The first one I heard about popped up on the internets a while back - 10 years? - and I managed to get some pictures. I thought it was Brian "Cerebus Aartblog" who owned it, but I didn't find it on his superb Cerebus original art and goodies website. The series F is interesting - as the pictures I have are of series A but show 1 of 50. The value is hard to say as this one is pretty rare and no confirmation from Dave as to it being authorized or not. At least a couple hundred dollars if not more. Feel free to use the photos on your blog Tim. The high visibility of it perhaps might get some more info from other Cerebus fans out there.


alchemist57 said...

Margaret knows all. I do have one.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Is it just me...

I don't feel the need / desire to collect ANY Cerebus ephemera. What interests me is Dave and Gerhard's comics, artwork and the thought process behind it.

How do these third-party trinkets add to your enjoyment of Cerebus exactly?

David Birdsong said...

At first glance I thought it was old Cerebus holding his pants up. I'm not interested in this kind of stuff and if I had one it would be on eBay yesterday.

Tony Dunlop said...

I only have one peice of Cerebus "stuff" apart from the comic (in various forms) itself, namely a promotional poster from (I'm pretty sure) mid-1984 that was given to me by a college roommate. But I didn't pay for it. I, too, don't see the appeal of this stuff (although I did have a Human Torch "action figure" once, but then again, I was 12).

Tony Dunlop said...

Oh wait, I have The Animated Cerebus portfolio. But that's more like an extension of the comic.

Margaret said...

lol. So my memory really isn't that bad - those pictures are probably Brian's pictures or pictures of the one he owns.

As someone that has gotten almost every piece of Cerebus merchandise out there - it doesn't add to my enjoyment of the series, I re-read the series for that. I just surround myself with either original Cerebus art, prints, posters and the trinkets (well, at least in my living room). They put me in a happy place. Kind of like how the picture of Chara hoisting the cup above his head makes me think of game 7 in 2011 and how happy I was that we won the cup (sorry Eddie). Memories. Thoughts of storyline that bubble to the surface of my head (please, bless my baby). Good times. Yes, good times.

Margaret L.

Anonymous said...

I would get perverse joy out of having, say, Cerebus pajamas. Because, like the TMNT used to be (prior to being sold off to a gahdamned multinational conglomerate), it's exactly the sort of thing that has no place being on pajamas or birthday cups or tooth brushes or whatever. I'd appreciate the absurdity of it.

I'd love to have a Cerebus action figure to put up on my indie comics characters book shelf (with Flaming Carrot, Usagi Yojimbo, Panda Khan, Pitt, The Maxx (and some Isz's), Scud, NECA's Mirage TMNT (and some Mousers and Fugitoid from Playmates' 2003 TMNT line), Savage Dragon (both Playmates' and Toy Biz'), and The Question and Howard the Duck (who aren't indie comics creations, but in my fantasy land where nobody else put their grubby friggin' paws on Howard or The Question...).

On the other hand, I kinda admire that Cerebus is represented solely by its intended medium, and respect Dave and Ger for not going full-blown Kevin Eastman/Peter Laird/Todd McFarlane on us.

-Wes Smith