Friday, 17 February 2017

"Cerebus In Hell?" Parody Covers: Part 1

Send your parody covers to: momentofcerebus [at] gmail [dot] com!  
Two more Cerebus in Hell #1's as soon as I can get Sandeep to post the covers here:


Thanks for dropping off the new CIH? strips.  I'll leave the cheque out back in Camp David for you. 

The big priority right now is getting cover parodies and 4 strips for each cover parody done.  I'd like to get BATVARK #1 solicited for a cover date July which means getting it to Diamond sometime early in March.   

I'm going to ask the AMOC readership to make #1 suggestions (as you can see from Sandeep's brilliant STRANGE CEREBUS, it doesn't have to be an actual #1 you're making fun of).  The important thing is that it be an easy cover to modify with one of the template Cerebi we're using. [Sandeep's already got a WATCHMEN parody in development and a finished DARK VARK RETURNS (both very funny)].

For DARK VARK RETURNS I'm going to do "BATVARK'S WEDDING VOWS" as a two- or three- parter so if you can get the DVR one ready to go with the reprints, that should about do it.  Another finished #1!

You Photoshop guys out there, if you can knock together a parody cover and e-mail it to Tim [momentofcerebus at gmail dot com], we might as well all be looking at the suggestions as they come in. It doesn't have to be publication-ready just enough so we can get the idea.



"Attached is a parody cover of X-men 141.  Dedicated to and inspired by Eddie in the comments section. The proportions are a bit off for a typical comic cover... but I can adjust this later if the time ever comes where it NEEDS adjusted."
Benjamin Hobbs

Cover suggested by Lee Thacker

Cover suggested by Lee Thacker

"I've attached a mock-up cover for a famous #1 issue as per Dave's request.
I went with the lowest hanging fruit."
  Benjamin Hobbs

Cover suggested by Benjamin Hobbs

"throwing my hat into the ring..."
Oliver Simonsen

"slight update variation...nevermind...taking my hat back out of the ring lol"
 Oliver Simonsen


Gary Boyarski said...

Help suggest a cover idea! How exciting is that!? I do have one suggestion though. Could we get a "model sheet" posted on AMOC of the various Cerebus cut-outs that you guys have been using, to give us would be cover designers something to work with?

Travis Pelkie said...

I do like the LOEG one (or LOEC, I guess).

Sean R said...

Dangit, Benjamin, you beat me to the punch!

Anonymous said...

The Cerberus cover? Or the LOEC? (I'm guessing the Cerberus...)
-Benjamin Hobbs

Unknown said...

Benjamin! Great stuff! Just imagine what you can sell the original artwork for!

Oh, wait...

Seriously, we should be able to use these.

Gary - Sandeep did post them in the "In progress" post.

Anonymous said...

Dave! Glad you like them!

Hope to see them on the comic rack.

-Benjamin Hobbs

Travis Pelkie said...

OOH, excellent new additions with the L&R and Hulk ones!

Unknown said...

Yeah, these are amazing. Sandeep will have to do the LEAGUE parody strips. I only read the first few. Alan lost me (as he did Sean Connery, I heard) with the gay Alan Quartermain (sp?).

I kept thinking about your LOEC cover all yesterday, Benjamin which is always a good sign. The milk carton gag, the profusion of CEREBI and all the Dore images. We're going to have to save this for the trade paperback cover or an annual or something. Absolutely hilarious. And gorgeous.

(psst. You had the "shift" key on when you were typing the names. The "i's" shouldn't be in caps).

Jeff Seiler said...

Man, one of these (at least!) is really gonna piss off *some*body...

On the Hulk vark cover, is there any way to change "man" to "critter" or "hermaphrodite"?

Otherwise, I'm loving these! Makes me jealous that I don't speak Photoshop.


Eddie said...

These are all great (like, laugh out loud great)! Awesome job to everyone involved.

I too wish I had the photoshop "chops" to do one, like the the cover to X-Men 141 ("Days of Future Past"), or a Sienkiewicz one (although I can't think of one off the top of my head.)

Anonymous said...

Good catch on the "I"s.
The cap locks WAS on!
It frequently is when I'm using Photoshop. When I letter my own comics, I use my "Hobbs" font, which has upper and lower case, but I prefer the words to be all caps. Hence caps lock is almost always on. So I have to make a special note to turn it off when using the Kubert font. Which in this case didn't happen.
(Or more likely, as I look at the cover, I wrote the caption, without caps lock, then turned the caps locks on for the "Cerebi" and then DIDN'T turn it off for the credits.) Regardless, it's an easy fix.
-Benjamin Hobbs

Unknown said...

Jeff - Possibly. But which one? And how badly? I mean, we have an embarrassment of riches already -- if anyone's really offended, let us know and we'll ditch it. If it's going to happen, I assume it will happen at the solicitation stage when PREVIEWS comes out. That still gives us plenty of time to just move to the next cover. We'll see.

I've been trying to come up with a good gag for the LOVE AND AARDVARKS cover. Any of our "Photoshopped-Challenged" viewers care to pitch in? I was thinking of "NOT ONE OF YOU LOOKS A BIT LIKE JAKA!!"

Benjamin all of yours are "IN" as far as I'm concerned. So, prep them as if they're needed tomorrow! I'd say Cerberus needs to be bigger on the CEREBUS No/1 cover (get a clearer copy of the #1 cover from Sean and the Cerberus Dore plate) and maybe done with dark shades of red like the foreground figures. Apart from that, they all look great and they're all HILARIOUS.

Lee, yours are great too if you want to do more finished versions. What are we paying for covers? I don't know. My (and Sandeep's) 4% "Gerhard royalty" on CIH? #1 was $305 each down from $384 on #0, so who knows? We can definitely send you free copies. Oh, wait. Lee's in the UK. We can definitely send you A copy (just kidding we'll work something out) and 1/25th of whatever Sandeep and I are getting. So, like, $12 US or so. If sales hold up. Exciting, eh?

Eddie said...

BWAHAHAHA! Benjamin! That X-Men one is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life!! WAY better than anything I could have come up with!

I know Seiler already sent you a CAN5, but if you need one from another KS, let me know. email me at khanna dot edward at gmail dot com

My attempt at captioning the "Love and Aardvarks" cover is:


anyone feel free to modify, change, or obliterate as you see fit.

Lee Thacker said...

Benjamin - great stuff. I thought about doing a version of the X-Men cover but couldn't work out how to do it - you nailed it perfectly!

Dave - payment? Don't be daft. I've been doing comics for the sheer love of it for so long that payment is the furthest thing from my mind, especially something as cool as Cerebus parody covers. I couldn't think of anything for the Love & Aardvarks text apart from (just now):
Aardvark on the far left: Amor y el cerdo homiguero.
Cerebus in foreground: Stop speaking in Spanish! Cerebus only just got done learning Italian form Dante!'
I'll get the Hulk version amended and sent to Tim tonight...

Anonymous said...

Dave- I'll prep them. Just hoping that you didn't actually NEED them tomorrow, because that would be today, and they're not done yet. :)

Eddie- Glad you liked the cover. I can't say no to a free portfolio. I'll email you soon. Thanks!

Lee-Thanks! Glad you liked it. Although, Dave can be as daft as he wants as far as I'm concerned. That $12 could buy a lot of tacos. (Although I'd be happy with free copies, a credits line on the inside front cover. ("cover by..." Something like that) Or...dare I dream...a credit line on the front cover.) (Hey, Alex Ross gets one for his covers on Astro it's not unprecedented.) (Although I think he also does the character design, so it's probably more warranted.) ( And he is THE Alex Ross. And I'm not.)
-Benjamin Hobbs