Saturday, 11 February 2017

Donate to Rick Norwood's Comics Revue!


(from a comment posted on AMOC, 8 February 2017)
...Al [Williamson] was pretty far gone (Alzheimer's) by the time I sent him the first issue of glamourpuss, but his wife, Cori relayed word through Yoram M. (major Williamson art buyer) that he had said that what he liked about my work was that it didn't look like him or like Alex Raymond, it was its own "Dave Sim thing".

Obviously, I'm really glad that he actually got to see it and liked it. But, really, I think there's only one Al Williamson and nothing compares to his run on SECRET AGENT CORRIGAN and STAR WARS.

Coincidentally, I just got a COMICS REVUE from Rick Norwood where he's offering a copy of CR vol.1 #4 with Williamson STAR WARS cover and STAR WARS strips for a minimum donation of $10 to help him keep COMICS REVUE going. I'm definitely sending him a donation...

...As far as I know George Lucas still has ALL of Williamson's STAR WARS originals -- that was the deal: he got the original artwork.

I wish I could say that.


Dave Sim said...

YIKES! I better get my cheque to Rick in a hurry! This place is LOUSY with STAR WARS FANS!!

Jp said...

Hopefully a of that original artwork will be on Display in Lucas's new museum.