Saturday, 25 February 2017

Gerhard: Climbing The Tower

Climbing The Tower
Art by Dave Sim (2010) and Gerhard (2017)

Gerhard's 2017 Convention Itinerary:

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Tim P said...

Oh that did make me laugh

Dave Sim said...

The Jeff Seiler Appreciation Society informs me that they're "more than a little bummed out" by the tenor of the lead item today...but are "looking forward, as always, to what Mr. Seiler has to say about it."

Jimmy Gownley said...

Reports are that a quorum of JSAS Harrisburg Local 294 is officially "miffed" but that there are no plans, as of yet, to "y'know, sign up for the email thingee."

Jeff Seiler said...

Wait...what's the whozzit now? I was just out all evening, watching college basketball (it *is* that time of year, folks) and suddenly I have an Appreciation Society?

What the...?

Did Dow sign up yet?

Travis Pelkie said...

It's Appreciation Society with air quotes around it, Jeff.


Jeff Seiler said...

I know you were the first signatory, Travis.

Secretly, of course.

Dave Sim said...

Harrisburg Local 294 isn't officially acknowledged as a JSAS Branch In Good Standing as yet, but (as is appropriate with a JSAS) it's really just a matter of crossing the t's and dotting the i's and making sure all the colons that should be semi-colons ARE semi-colons.

Jeff Seiler said...

Um, that's "dotting the tees and crossing the eyes", Dave. You know; like when I used to go golfing.