Thursday, 16 February 2017

"Cerebus In Hell?" Parody Covers: Part 2

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Gary Boyarski said...

Quick question. Are we limited to using ONLY the Cerebus in Hell?, Cerebi? or can we use other images of Cerebus for the cover design ideas.

Unknown said...

Hi Gary! Well, we aren't going to DISQUALIFY anyone because they used another image: I used the MINDS double-page spread image on the cover of CIH? #1 (in stores now! In the Silver Snail, anyway -- Rob Walton told me he saw it there). Sandeep and I both think it's funnier to stick with the four template images, but that's probably just us. If you REALLY think you need to use another image, you're probably a better judge of that than we are.

Got my JACK GRIMM #2 ready and waiting for a re-read when #3 comes in!

Unknown said...

Hadn't seen THE AMAZING CEREBUS 300 before. Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck. That's great!

Jeff Seiler said...

I just now got the joke in the lower left-hand corner of the WATCHVARK cover mock-up. Clever!

Travis Pelkie said...

Is it that it's either 9 hours until doomsday, or 3 past?

I like them all.

With the Watchvark one, I'm reminded of an old joke.

"Stop showing me all these dirty pictures of aardvarks!"

Also, I have to find a link to the Skullkickers covers that did the similar gag. Not that homage covers are a new thing, of course!

Jeff Seiler said...

Travis: Rorshach lives.

True story: I once got laid and kept a girlfriend after showing her my Rorshach plates and explaining them.

It was, I'm sad to say, very unethical.

And, I'm also sad to say, I should have picked up on the fact, from her responses, that she was bat-shit crazy.

But... know.

Now? Blissfully single. (Celibate)

Travis Pelkie said...

You, celibate, Jeff? NO!

You set me up, sir. You set me up.

Can't/don't want to go through all of them, but issues 19-24 of Skullkickers had homage covers, and the Before Watchmen one on #24 was the main one I was thinking of. Scroll down in this link:

Unknown said...

I think I'm going to turn the WATCHVARK cover image into RORSHVARK by doing a Cerebus head outline and grafting the cover image onto the outline. And then do 4 Rorshvark strips this week. I'm also planning to do four "300" gags to go with Sandeep's SPIDER-MAN 300 cover.

Keep it up Photoshop folk! It's entertainment/content! It's an editorial conference! It's the way CEREBUS is done now!

Anonymous said...

I could see the 'standing perfectly still' Cerebus being reproduced at larger sizes for a recreation of "Hulk" #1. Wouldn't even have to turn him green.

Cut/mashup/photoshop the overall Dore piece and stick Cerebus in there somewhere with a "Sandman" logo.

Depending on how you position the 'flying' Cerebus, "Superman" #1 should be a cinch.


Unknown said...

ChrisW - SANDVARK was an early suggestion of mine. I was just going to take some colour pictures of a bunch of different things and paste them up into a collage. Or just put a pile of different things onto a sheet of illustration board and take a colour picture of it.

I'm not really sure it's POSSIBLE to do a parody of a Dave McKean SANDMAN cover. As I discovered doing the cover of No.165. Which is why SANDVARK No.1 isn't in the first batch.

Anonymous said...

I'm ambivalent on using the 'flying' Cerebus on "Amazing Fantasy" #15. It's simply not "Amazing Fantasy" #15 is Spidey isn't carrying the burglar, but the image is so iconic that with the right dialogue ["The world may mock Peter Porker - oops, wrong comic"] it would totally work I'm also not a fan of those strips with a Li'l Cerebus growing from somewhere, so I can't even imagine how you'd fake the burglar.


Anonymous said...

"Giant-Sized X-Men" #1, with the 'perfectly still' Cerebus as the ghostly figures that all the 'new, different' Cerebi are bursting out of?

The "Howard the Duck" For President cover, with 'angry Cerebus pointing his sword' bursting out of the newspaper.

Was there ever a panel where the Roach ripped his shirt open in the classic Superman motif that could work for ripping off "Man of Steel" #1? I know Cerebus ripped off his clothes in "High Society" and "Church and State," but not to the same effect.

I am running out of classic comic book covers. I dunno, find the sexiest Jaka/Astoria/Joanne/New Joanne pictures and choose the best one for Matt Baker's iconic "Phantom Lady" headlights cover?