Saturday, 6 May 2017

Meeting Gerhard: Michael Ragiel's East Coast Adventure!

My trip for the East Coast Comic-Con in Secaucus, New Jersey began Saturday morning around 9am. It took around 90 minutes to drive around 75 miles from Easton, Pennsylvania. I arrived around 10:30, found free parking in the garage, grabbed my nap sack and official Gerhard cylinder and off I went. I purchased my ticket at the door which was $40.00 and went in. I haven't been to a comic convention in years. The place was packed. 

I found where Gerhard was on the map and followed the map. There was a super long line. I asked someone on line if they were waiting for Gerhard. He said no. He was on line for Marv Wolfman. I moved up a little more and asked again if they were waiting for Gerhard and he said no. He was waiting for Denny O'Neil. He said just keep walking up and ask. Which I did. And lo and behold, Gerhard was in between both Marv and Denny. Just like a great sandwich, the best stuff was in between the 2 pieces of bread. Lol.

There was one person in front of me getting a sketch and talking with Gerhard and Shelley. When it was my turn both Gerhard and Shelley kind of figured that I was a fan and was trouble. In a good way. Gerhard was sketching a Gerebus for someone and made some small talk with Shelley. I took out a photograph of Dave Sim, Gerhard and myself taken back in the late 1990's. Shelley and Gerhard had a good chuckle with the photo.

I spent about 2-2 1/2 hours with them. Talking about almost everything Cerebus, craft beer, traveling. I talked until I was hoarse. I even walked out with Gerhard when he went out to smoke a cigarette. My wife said when I got home that I bordered "creepy fan". I felt more like a bodyguard. More lol.

On the way back we ran into and chatted briefly with Shannon Wheeler from Too Much Coffee Man fame. Took a few photos and followed Gerhard back to the booth.

I bought a few prints ( found out Margaret Liss bought way too many prints), got a sketch, and some Cerebus comics signed. I said my good byes and wished them both save travels back home. I went back to Shannon Wheeler and had him sign my Too Much Coffee Man omnibus book. I purchased a small book and matches. He had nothing but great things to say about Gerhard and Dave Sim.

After that I walked around for a little while and left soon after. I had an amazing time. It was definitely worth the trip.

Bonus Items: Gerhard's East Coast Convention Sketches!

Gerhard's 2017 Convention & Signing Itinerary:

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Margaret said...

Can one really buy too many Gerhard prints?

Thanks Michael for the write-up on your visit to the con and meeting with Gerhard.

Michael R. said...

Hi Margaret!

Hahaha! Only if your Margaret you can. Your name was mentioned by Gerhard and Shelley while I was flipping through the portfolio and seeing "sold out" and them saying ,"Oh, Margaret must have got the last one, eh" (Canadian accent by me. lol).

The 2 I really wanted was the The Jaka Scene and Melmoth which I did purchase. I love that Gerhard has been creating these "scenes". I have been incorporating them in my Cerebus Archive Kickstarter portfolios as scenic spacers between kickstarter campaigns. I would love if Gerhard continues the Cerebus scenes. An empty bar from Guys, an empty throne cracked in two with way too many detailed rocks in space from Minds, country scene with covered bridge from Going Home, etc. How awesome would that be!

The last time I met Gerhard and Dave was in January 1997 on their "Pieces of our Minds" showing in Manhattan by the Holland Tunnel. It was presented by Four Color Images and had 50 selected pieces on exhibit for the month. Dave and Gerhard were both there for a signing on Saturday, January 11 which my wife and I attended.

I remembered a very long line of people. When It was my turn I became very tongue tied and blushing. I probably didn't ask very many questions and took very few pictures, but my wife did snag one of the Dave, Gerhard and myself which Gerhard did sign last Saturday. That was also a great day, as well.

Michael Ragiel

Glen said...

Semi-serious question.

How do you address Gerhard at a convention?

Margaret said...

Glen - either Gerhard or Ger.

Michael R. said...

Just what Margaret said, either Gerhard or Ger.

I'm sure you can call him anything you want, just don't call him late for dinner. lol.

Michael Ragiel

Jeff Seiler said...

To me, they will always be Ger and Shel. The two nicest people in the room, no matter where you are.

Tony Dunlop said...

Well, I like to be a little formal, so if I ever meet him I think I'll start with "Mr. Hard."