Friday, 26 May 2017

Weekly Update #184: Tales Of The Frozen Dead... and Colin Upton!

This week featuring:
Cerebus In Hell?... In Frozen Dead #1/2
by Johnny Harley


Jeff Seiler said...

Well, in my defense, the book was on the free shelf and I did include a note saying that I considered it a tongue-in-cheek birthday present. But it does include some very useful information, especially for a beginning artist. Like, say, Dave.

mike r said...

Hey, what happened to the awesome theme music that began and ended the Cerebus Update?

Jeff Seiler said...

Just wanna point this out: For the next 30 days, Dave will not eat any food, drink any liquids (not even water), will not consume anything, for close to 16 hours per day. During those 16 hours per day, he will be working pretty much as usual, observing his regular prayer times, studying scripture, sleeping, and making four Weekly Update videos. Among other obligations.

And, Dave has told me that, since "the stomach tends to shrink to the size of a walnut" while fasting, when he can eat after sundown he usually just eats his regular diet. I hope he hydrates copiously after sundown, but I don't know.

And remember, Dave regularly fasts nine days out of every ten, year 'round.

I'm not writing this to make him out to be some kind of special hero. He's only doing what hundreds of millions of other people, worldwide, do during Ramadan. And, remember, even though he doesn't talk about it, he will continue to feed other people during this time. Just as those other hundreds of millions of Muslims do.

No, I'm writing this to say, "You're a better man than I, Gunga Din." All of you critics, please temper your views of Dave Sim by remembering this.

Steve said...

Oddly enough, another video post that just won't show up for me.

Are these being posted differently, Tim?

thx -


A Moment Of Cerebus said...

No sir. Could I suggest refreshing your web-browser?

JohnnyHarleyquinn said...

Thanks again Tim!