Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Decisions Decisions

We've only looked at Dave Sim's notebook #4 two times: once in August of 2016's Albatross Four and again in Wuffa Wuffa this past March. The notebook covers Cerebus issues #41 to 45 with 99 pages out of 108 pages scanned.

If you have the Cerebus Cover Art Treasury book, then you've seen notebook #4's page 12 as it has a preliminary of the cover to Cerebus #41:

Cerebus #41 cover
The page they show doesn't look too much like the finished cover, but you can see a bit of it there. On page 13 there is another preliminary sketch of the cover that is closer to the finished cover. However, the movement on the cover of both Elf and Cerebus changes to the finished cover.

Notebook #4, page 13

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Travis Pelkie said...

Hey, wasn't this page reprinted in the biweekly version of this issue? I remember that alphabet....