Friday, 19 January 2018

Happy Anniversary! The Big 4-0 (Dave's Weekly Update #218)

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:


Glen said...

Would making the prints 1/2 the size like the half size bonus prints offered on Kickstarter a few years ago help with shipping costs?

David Birdsong said...
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Jeff said...

I agree with David B. Raise the price for a ten-page portfolio. Currently, and for five (really? five?) years, we've been getting these (very) high quality prints for less than ten dollars apiece.

Try upping the price by half. I think that if you were to double it, all of a sudden, then you would lose some backers. Maybe not.

Maybe (and I'm just saying maybe) move down some on the paper stock. Would matte, versus glossy, reduce the price? Or, hey (and I'm just spitballin' here) what if you printed them on cheap art boards? Might raise the shipping costs, but art board must be cheaper, right?

And, finally, I think you might want to finish out the volumes, first ten pages of each, and then stop. One hundred-sixty phenomenally well-reproduced pages is nothing to sneeze at.

Just thinking out loud here, Dave. Hope it helps.

Tim P said...

or perhaps compile them into a book, more pages, lower price, thus increasing demand?

Oliver said...

Thank you! What a wonderful way to start 2018 with being featured on "Dave Sim's Weekly Update" - such an honor and a thrill!

Glen said...

I didn't know Gerhard received a portion of the Kickstarer money raised through these archive portfolios.

Is this the first time Dave mentioned it or did I miss the memo?

I know Dave gives him a percentage of the sales on the remastered trades & Cerebus covers treasury.

John Mosher said...

hey there.

I am wondering if printing the comments on cheaper stock like Archive 1 would help. I agree that dropping the comments would be a mistake.

I would rather see a price increase than a drop in page count, but I am fortunate I could afford that.

Not any good choices I can see.

John Mosher

Tony Dunlop said...

OK, now THIS is weird. I got my portfolio (with the "correct" number) a week or two ago. I just opened my front door, moments ago, and there's a package from Aardvark-Vanaheim; portfolio-sized. "WTH?" I'm thinking.

Whoever was supposed to get #140? Um, it's here at my house in south Minneapolis.

Tony again said...

PS Serious replies only, but if you were expecting CAN7 #140 of 175, write me at: roxanton (at) comcast (dot) net.

Tony again said...

I'm continuing my tradition of commenting before watching the video, but now...

How complicated would it make things if future Kickstarters offered two choices:

The first 5 pages, for the same price as CAN1-7;

The first ten pages, for 50% more.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Everybody but Tony again,

I've faxed your comments to Dave.

You're welcome.

(Tony, you're comment will go in the next batch.)

al roney said...

If the price is going up, then the best pages available should be offered - not just the first 10 in chronological "archive". I still miss the bonus prints too, as they are ones that usually ended up on my wall anyway.

I also missed out on the last archive (after participating in every single one since #2) due to financial hardships and other life events, so if the price does go up too much I'll likely be skipping the next one too.