Wednesday, 6 June 2018

CIH? Cover Comparison PART THREE

One day, TOMORROW Comiclink bring money.

And now:

Benjamin Hobbs:

It seems that one of the last projects Sandeep Atwal was working on while at AV was making print-ready versions of the approved CIH? covers submitted by readers. I submitted a parody of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen based on the cover of the collected edition:

Sandeep created a parody of a different cover. It appears to be based on the sixth issue of the series:

And...they're completely different. There's virtually no similarities between them except they both parody a cover from League.

Next week: Insert an Enticing Teaser HERE.


JLH said...

I suspect the second one would sell worse than the first. It's bland and uniconic, unlike the first.

Kit said...

Dave's use of computer lettering is brutal enough, but uuggggh at the kerning on Benjamin's balloon.

David Birdsong said...
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