Saturday, 30 June 2018

Emergent news: Monster Atlas

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The Monster Atlas Kickstarter is ending in 24 hours.

It has reached the stretch goal of Gerhard artwork, so if you're interested, you got less than a day. Here's our good buddy Greg Hyland:
Last Day!
Posted by Greg Hyland (Creator)
We're less than 24 hours away from the MONSTER ATLAS Kickstarter campaign ending. Thanks to everyone that's backed us so far. It's been overwhelming! This is a project that I thought about doing years ago, and I seriously started working on it last spring. Last year at FanExpo I was walking around showing people a stack of black and white pages I printed out of my computer and talking about it to anyone that would listen. Now it's pretty exciting that in a few months it will be a real colour book that people all around the world will have! We're at 97 backers (as I write this) and the goal in my mind was to hit 100. It could happen!
My plan is to have the book done and printed by the time FanExpo Canada happens at the end of August. Glenn just finished writing the last pass at South American monsters and I just finished laying out the Mexican, Caribbean, and Central American pages, and generating the South American maps. I want to spend the first two weeks of July finishing the South American artwork, then the last two weeks doing final layout, editing, and proofreading, then get it to the printers at the beginning of August. This will surely make sure I have the book for sale at FanExpo Canada and all backers will have their books in September, as promised.
 You remember Greg right?
Yeah, him.
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