Friday, 29 June 2018

Tread carefully - SDOAR mockups on the floor! (Dave's Weekly Update #241)

Hi,  Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

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Also, Harlan Ellison has died. Here's  an old post of Dave talking about him.

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Tony Dunlop said...

Harlan dying is a big, big deal to me. He was my favorite writer by far - only Edgar Allan Poe came close - in my angry, rebellious teen years. As we say in the Orthodox Christian Church, may his memory be eternal. If there's any justice in the literary world, it will be.

Harlan, you will be sorely missed.

Jimmy Gownley said...

Harlan called me once, totally out of the blue... while I was reading his short story collection "Troublemakers." I was shocked beyond belief. No idea how he got my number!

He said "Gownley? This is Harlan Ellison."

I said "Really???!!!"

He said "No. I'm a guy who goes around calling people pretending to be Harlan Ellison."

He apparently liked Amelia Rules!. I am still blown away by that. He will be missed.

Sean R said...

Poor Harlan. One of the most influential people in science fiction in the past five decades, both as a writer and an extraordinary editor, and his obituary headlines name-check... STAR TREK and A Boy and His Dog (presumably because of the film adaptation).

Lamented this to my wife over breakfast. She replied, "Could be worse. He could have been totally ignored."

Hmm. Not sure he would have agreed :)

What a compelling writer. Always loved his breezy, sometimes-factually-suspect intros to the Dangerous Visions volumes. And, really, enjoyed the hell out of his very odd "STAR TREK" book, his setting-the-record-straight volume from the mid-eighties. Am currently working on a project that's much indebted to that book and its insights.

Also--hi Jimmy! Hope you've been well!

David Birdsong said...
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David Birdsong said...
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JLH said...

Thanks for the reminder, David! I almost missed this week's episode. I came into the series late, so these early ones are tremendous fun.

al said...

Harlan dead? This world just got a bit more shittier...