Friday, 15 June 2018

High Society's Naked Cerebus?

Sean Michael Robinson:

Howdy folks! Remember me?

This is quick message to see if there are a few Photoshop-or-GIMP-familiar Cerebus/High Society enthusiasts out there who would like to earn a bit of "immortality"/help me out with a little project.

Sometime in the next few months there will be a new printing of High Society, using the previously-restored files, but with a good 20 pages newly-sourced from original artwork that's come to light since the previous printing, and printing on the lovely paper (Rolland Enviro Silk) and exacting printing process (Sheet-fed offset) we've come to know and love from the latest restored Cerebus volumes.

In addition, I'm hoping to replace the tone on a few pages of the book that have always been reproduced poorly, in particular, two issues that seem to have been reproduced from photocopies of the original artwork, even in the first printings of the issues.

So! Would you like to help out? You would literally be drawing out Cerebus' tone on these pages, leaving a naked line-art-only Cerebus in its place, for me to re-tone after the fact.

The fine work of George Peter Gatsis, who did this for two pages of the previous High Society printing. Thanks, George!

If this is the type of thing that sounds fun to you, then please do give it a go. If this seems like a nightmarish hellscape from which you may never escape, then please forget you ever saw this post :)

Thankfully, this isn't literally a thankless task. We'd thank you with a special dedication in the back of the book, in perpetuity, along with everyone who has submitted original art scans for the book.

Interested in helping out? Hit me up at cerebusarthunt at gmail dot com and I'll send you some files and instructions!

Lastly! Are you a digital comics enthusiast? Want to support Aardvark/Vanaheim's newest foray into digital comics? Then head on over to Comixology and pick up the otherwise-sold-out Cerebus in Hell? #1 at the screaming deal of 99 copper portraits of Lincoln. The digital issue was painstakingly put together by digital comics enthusiast Jay Penney. More (Cerebus V1, V2, more CIH? issues) on the way assuming the demand is there :)

Thanks everyone!


David Birdsong said...
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Sean R said...

Woo-hoo! Three volunteers already!!

Sean R said...

Aaand up to FIVE volunteers! It's practically a fire brigade. Thanks so much everyone! Keep 'em coming.

Jeff Seiler said...

George: "It was COLD!"

Elaine: "It shrinks!?"

Jerry: "Like a frightened turtle."

Jeff said...

And, thank you, SMR, for the best laugh I've had in a long, long time. (Also, thanks, Dave).