Wednesday, 27 June 2018

THE UN-BEDABLE VARK #1 Cover Correction!

Benjamin Hobbs:

Today is the last Wednesday of the month, and THE UN-BEDABLE VARK #1 should be in stores!

If you compare the cover of the comic you pick up today at your LCS:

And the version that's been posted on here before:

You might notice that something is different. Somewhere in the process, the blurb "CELIBACY AS YOU LIKE IT!" disappeared off the front cover.  This wasn't a creative decision, nor was it an issue with the printers.  In fact, I'm not 100% sure where in the process the mistake occurred.

However! If you really want to have that blurb on your comic, so you have the comic as it was intended to be, there is a solution!


Instructions for use:

1-Print out the above image. Make sure to use glossy photo paper for optimum glare and highest cost.  

2-Cut out the image along the dotted line. (Kids: Make sure to ask your parents for help with the scissors!)

3-Apply the image to the cover of your mint copy of THE UN-BEDDABLE VARK #1 using some sort of adhesive.  Elmer's glue will probably wrinkle the image too much and spray adhesive will get everywhere.  Some slightly chewed mint gum ought to do the trick. 

4-Try to convince the guys at CGC that your comic really IS in mint, cause the guy online who worked on the book said the book wasn't complete if the blurb wasn't attached. (As far as I'm concerned the book can be no more than a 5.0 without the blurb. It's like having a hole cut in the middle of your comics cover...but the opposite.) Point out that the gum you used to adhere the blurb was mint as well. That will knock the socks off those CGC guys!

5-Run back to your LCS and pick up a second copy of the book, because the CGC gave your first copy of THE UN-BEDABLE VARK #1 a low grade due to the technically complete, but officially altered, cover.

6-Sheepishly return to CGC with your new unaltered (and therefore, not complete) copy of THE UN-BEDABLE VARK #1.

7-Paste the "CELIBACY" blurb to the outside of the clam shell of your high-graded, but technically incomplete, copy of THE UN-BEDABLE VARK #1.

8-Enjoy looking at, but not reading, your now complete copy of THE UN-BEDABLE VARK #1!

Next week: Find out how many of MY 25 copies of THE UN-BEDABLE VARK #1 were destroyed trying to adhere the "CELIBACY" blurb!  

[And don't forget to give your hickies to the Living Tarim! Matt]


David Birdsong said...
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Sean R said...


Okay, I hope everyone prints this out and pastes it on their copies...

This is the most mortifying mistake I've made in print since waaay back last spring when I accidentally covered up Jingles' first cover appearance with some flying Cerebi... (in, ahem, my defense, this was proofread by four people at least twice, and no one noticed :) Should have sent it to Lee, who designed the cover. Sorry Lee!)

I love the cover-related strips for this issue. Also notable--a new, soon-to-be-recurring character, which is, hey, featured in the CIH? title that showed up in Previews this very month!

Lee Thacker said...

No worries, Sean. Dave sent me a batch of proof copies a couple of weeks ago and even I didn't notice the 'celibacy' ('Cerebus-y') blurb was missing! The cover-related strips are hilarious! Don't miss this one, everybody!