Monday, 30 July 2018

Cerebus Figurines: A Review

Hi, Everybody!

Michael R. sent in the following to the Ol' AMOC Mailbag at
Hi Matt!

I was one of those who purchased 6 Cerebus figurines from George. He asked me to send you a review to post on AMOC. So here's a quick review. I'll send multiple emails with a
couple of photos in each.  He had a bit of a problem shipping them, but I did receive them on Monday, July 23.

From George---
"Hi Michael,
Update to your Cerebus Figurine order. It’s in the mail! Sorry for the delay. It should have been in the mail, a month ago. What had happened was: I
got the wrong boxes that I ordered to mail out the figurines. Didn’t notice the problem until I was ready to ship out the figurines and one box broke. This delayed everything. I had to order NEW bubble wrap and along with waiting to get the correct boxes sent to me. But, finally everything is repacked and in the mail. Please look out for the package. IT’S BIG! You really can’t miss it. . . or eat it. :)"
I had a few days to really digest viewing the Cerebus figurines, here's what I think.

The 6 Cerebus figurines arrived in excellent condition in 2 boxes taped together. 3 figurines individually bubble wrapped in each box.

The first I noticed was that they really weren't that big. They're light weight. The accuracy and details are spot on. I'm not a chess player, but my daughter's boyfriend is, he noticed right away the chess symbols at the base. I guess that's a plus. I'm
glad that I bought them.
Click to embiggen
Now the nit picking. Haha, I couldn't let George off too easy.

The first thing I did notice and I'm sure everyone else will pick up on is the back of Cerebus' head. There seems to be some unfinished business there. It looks like that you
glued Cerebus to the base and left some residue. … and if you really,  really
look at Cerebus' head, I swear there's a bullseye there. I'm sure when I was
emailing George on these issues he was taking it as constructive criticism and
not a knock on his product.  Other than that, I think they are GREAT!
A close-up...of NOT the back of the head.

The 6 Cerebus figurines shipped to my house was perfect inside. I know George gave me a discount for shipping by getting all 6, but each figurine averaged $40
Canadian. That's an awful lot of money especially now that he seems to be
cranking new figurines almost every week. I'm going to need more expendable
cash if I'm going to keep purchasing them. I think that's going to be a huge
decision for me and everyone to make if they going to but them from George.

"this might be the final place where all 6 will be displayed" click to embiggen

" I might be the only person who has the world largest and smallest Cerebus' side by side. lol." Not to be a pedantic shit-head, but there ARE smaller Cerebi in the world (namely the Ral Partha knock-off pewter miniatures.)
 You can order your very own set of Cerebus figures here. Tell 'em AMOC sent ya and get...nothing. Not a effin' thing. We don't have a deal in place or anything. Maybe in the future.

Next Time: I don't know. Something with an Aardvark I bet.


al said...

I like 'em, but at 40 bucks a pop it's a bit too much cash for me right now.

Understand that these are pretty much molded on demand though, not mass produced from some overseas factory.

Gary Boyarski said...

I'm having a project done by George right now, and I can't wait to hold the final product. The bulls-eye markings are probably an unavoidable result of the process. These are produced on at a time on a 3D printer that builds it up layer by layer. I wonder if it wouldn't be cheaper to produce them in the larger quantities required for the Cerebus fan base by using the 3D original to create a mold to cast these pieces in some sort of resin material. The sculpting is wonderful, some of the best looking Cerebus figures I've ever seen. George really seems to have a talent for capturing likenesses.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


My buddy just got a resin 3d printer. It looks like there is no "bulls-eye" markings.


Unknown said...

hey there...

first... I apologized to MR for missing that spot on the figurine during the post polishing process... which is done by hand.

there is NO way to produce the pieces into a master mold from the pieces that make up these figurines... there is too many NEGATIVE spaces...

I did look into mold casting... there would be TOO many pieces that would need to be created and having interlocks within interlocks... etc... and the costs I got made it impossible to invest in the process.

I did look into having a RESIN printer... but the time it takes to put out a piece like the HEAD... I can put out the ENTIRE figurine 3x...

Hi Gary...

Gary experienced the process FIRST HAND... and has seen his character come to life as a figurine... Tell them Gary...

I havetaa get back to... wait what am I... why am I typing all this???
Ok... note to self hit save and come back later to remember.

Tony Dunlop said...

"to produce them in the larger quantities required for the Cerebus fan base..."

Ah, that dry AMOC sense of humor...