Tuesday, 24 July 2018

New Dave Sim podcast

Hi, Everybody!

Dave Fisher sent in:
Dave Sim has an audio podcast interview he asked me to send to you.

It runs 1 hr 40 mins long and is a 184 MB file (mp3 @ 256 kbps) 

I haven't listened to it yet, myself, so I have no idea what surprises are in store for us.

Next Time: From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend; the legend of Ben Hobbs, a mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil. As Benjamin's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy. On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of the solar system, they maintained peace throughout the universe, until a new horrible menace threatened the galaxy. Benjamin was needed once more. This is the story of the super force of space explorers, specially trained and sent by the Alliance to bring back Benjamin Hobbs!

(I freely admit, I'm running out of TV show intros for these things...)


Jeff said...

About halfway through, the interviewer asks, "What was the name of your publishing company?"


Repeats question.

"Um, Aardvark-Vanaheim."

Later, the interviewer asks, "Has anyone ever tried to make a movie about Cerebus?"


Jeff said...

Later, after Dave mentions SDOAR, we get this:

"So, what's that about?"

Dave stifles a laugh before politely explaining at length.

The interviewer also didn't know about glamourpuss. (Or, I'm guessing, Judenhass--he never bites when Dave mentions Judenhass.)

Major props to Dave for being so patient with that guy.

Jeff said...

Near the end, Dave suggests to Jay that he could possibly get more listeners if he sent it to A Moment of Cerebus. This was after Jay asked Dave to do an introductory announcement, to which Dave responded, "How about, 'Dave Sim: The Last Podcast?"

Anyway, a few seconds after Dave suggested sending the podcast to AMOC, Jay said, "Okay. Um, what was the name of the site, again?"

"Uh, A...Moment...Of...Cerebus," Dave very patiently responded.

This guy is very earnest, but so very clearly had not done his homework, that it starts out being interesting, then cringe-worthy, and ultimately just surrealistically funny.

If you don't want to listen to the whole thing, then at least fast-forward to the last twenty minutes or so, when Dave starts talking about his views on feminism building up to being equal to Stalinism (with which I agree), and then why computers and smartphones will be our downfall (with which I agree).

The interviewer allows the subject to speak at length without interrupting (something that, with Dave, I have not quite yet mastered), but the comedy gold ("it's gold, Jerry! Gold!!!") is the long pauses after Dave stops answering each question.

Have a listen.

Jeff said...

Oh! AND, there's this, maybe two-thirds of the way through; my favorite moment:

"I have never balanced my creativity on making sure I don't annoy people.

"Like, fuck you. I don't swear often, but F. U. on that one." -- Dave Sim

If he was going to have a headstone, which he's already informed me that he won't, you could engrave that in stone.

Jeff said...

Also, FYI, James Gunn (I hope I got that name right), the director of the past two GOTG films, was fired yesterday by Disney (which pretty much now owns the world) because, a couple of decades ago, he made some remarks (not tweets) which were deemed, by Disney, to be, um, racially insensitive, gender-insensitive, stupid (he was young), or (gasp!) misogynistic.

Pretty much all of the cast members of the last two GOTG films have stood up for him.


DISNEY. (Which owns the world and the moon and, maybe, Saturn, because, you know, Saturn Girl [that one was for you, Dave].)

Imagine. Just imagine, what our world would be like if A-V, Inc., were not owned by *one* guy.

Okay. Back to my sandbox.

Erick said...

If you are going to comment on the James Gunn story you really should do your homework first. Disney was absolutely correct in firing him. His tweets, yes they were indeed tweets, were not decades old. In fact the last really offensive one was posted in 2012. Gunn is 51 rears old. Now my math is shaky, but I am pretty certain that 2012 was only 6 years ago. The comments that got him fired had nothing to do with race or gender or even rape. All of which he tweeted about. No, it was the indefensible and abhorrent pedophilia he gleefully talked about. Look them up and do your homework before spouting off. Um, sort of like your critique of the podcast interviewer

Erick said...

Here is the link to his tweets from 2009 to 2012


or if that link does not work, go to the io9 link and then click on the link to conservative activists


There is some very sick stuff here

Jeff said...

See Washington Post.com Perspective column by Margaret Sullivan (one of the most Liberal columnists ever), July 25, 2018. "Firing James Gunn was understandable. But it was wrong."

Jeff said...

Erick, this is ironic. You accuse me of not having done my homework (fair enough), but the you criticize me for critiquing the podcast interviewer, which I did because he had ... not done his homework. Thanks for the laugh.

Erick said...

Yes, Jeff that was exactly my intention. I am glad you picked up on it. I was very subtle about it.
BTW that last line was sarcasm.

As for the Wapo column, I did not read it nor do i need to. Those tweets suffice

David Birdsong said...
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Gary Boyarski said...

Okay, I'll admit, I skipped ahead. I haven't got the time right now to listen to the whole length of the thing. I DID listen to the last 20 mins, and what I heard I really enjoyed. Not the best interview ever, but then most people who dabble in podcasts are not professional journalists and commentators. Dave did a stellar job at answering the questions and I would love to have this in a written form. I especially liked the part where Dave explains what Cerebus is about and what it means to him. I don't think I've ever heard that before. Interesting stuff.

David Birdsong said...
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