Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Place Your Word Balloon Pun Here

Benjamin Hobbs:

This week I received an email from David Birdsong, CIH?'s Junior Text-Applicator and Word-Containment-Specialist. He writes:

"I've been wanting to share some of the newest lettering we've been doing on CIH? but I didn't want to give too much away.  I've come up with two options.  First is one with the DorĂ© art intact and empty word balloons that is sure to have fans of the comic salivating for more."

"Second is just empty word balloons and nothing else that will make them wonder what in the world it could be. "

 "Or just use both."

Both it is! Thanks for writing in David! Keep those amazing Word Containment Fields coming! They look fantastic!

Next Week: David continues to write: "Benjamin I know you have some pages with different kinds of balloons than these.  Maybe you could even show some without the text, but with the strike-throughs and underlines to show how we're getting better at matching Dave's lettering.  Maybe you could even show an isolated balloon with the lettering that wouldn't give away anything.  Actually a stand alone word balloon saying something funny totally out of the blue could be another enticement to keep the orders for CIH? coming.  " So it looks like there will be MORE unfinished CIH? comics in this space soon!


David Birdsong said...

Cerebus In Hell? has been cornering the market on unfinished comics since July of 2018.

David Birdsong said...

I should have mentioned this morning that bonus points are to be awarded (in lieu of an actual prize) for anyone that can correctly guess what famous comics are being parodied in those panels.

Benjamin H said...

David-Do the bonus points get awarded to people who already KNOW what comics are being parodied? Because if so, I'll be cleaning up good! Unless Sean beats me to it.

David Birdsong said...

Nice try BH, but no KNOWS, only GUESSES.

Michael said...


Benjamin H said...

Michael- Good guess! But sadly, no. Neither of them are Sandman. A couple hints: Each strip is a different comic parody. And both properties have been parodied at some point in Cerebus. (Which only narrow it down to comics that came out in 2004 or before.)

Keep the guesses coming!

Sean R said...

>> And both properties have been parodied at some point in Cerebus>>

Hmmm... really?

Benjamin H said...


Okay Sean, you caught me, not really. Only one of them has been. I was confusing the first comic being parodied with Prince Valiant. Because action/adventure newspaper strips from the 30s/40s/50s all run together in my head.

Jeff said...

I'll take a stab (no pun intended)--Deadman.

David Birdsong said...

Sorry Jeff, but no.

The first one has a SDOAR connection.

A line of dialog from the second one: "EXCUSE ME...HUSKY...BITCH...MY WORM IS...ROTATING..." It's not on the page shown, but I just lettered it today and it still has me cracking up.