Thursday, 23 August 2018

Margaret and Steve sitting in a tree... Steve Peters Week

Hi, Everybody!

Friend to the Blog and Fifth Monkee, Steve Peters is doing a Kickstarter to restore his Rabbit Hell Digest books, (which celebrated it's 27th anniversary on August 17th.) The first one was issues 1 and 2. Now he's doing 3 and 4.

Matt made me use that title. Really. He said if I didn't use it, that I wouldn't get that raise I was hoping would feed my kitty. So here we are.

So when Matt asked me - actually pretty nicely, no threats were made this time - to post this week about Steve Peters . . .where to start? Perhaps how he won the 2006 Day Prize for his comic Chemistry at the 2007 SPACE convention? How how at that same convention he sung The Latter Days Song?

Meh. I rather show you what he created for me for a kickstarter he did:

Make with the  clicky to see it extra large
And not only did I get the cool double cover, he sent along some tracking paper drawings of you know who:

I thought I had several Sparky as Cerebus sketches lying around, but I couldn't find them in the time my stomach gave me before it told me to give up all hope 'cause I needed to eat. 

Next Time: Will the Steve Peters Invasion hit the Weekly Update? I'm hoping!


Jeff said...

Very cool. But, what are "tracking paper drawings"? ;)

Margaret said...

Something to get a dude that likes to dress up with fruit on his head grinding his editorial teeth. :D