Tuesday, 7 August 2018

(Un)Collected Letters: Dave Sim? PART TWO!!

Hi, Everybody!

Remember yesterday, when I ran Dave's letter to the Phantom Stranger? (Ya know, F***ING yesterday!?!)

Well friend to the blog and Superman's frenemy, David Birdsong sent in this:
January 1967

See, you KNOW David is Superman's Frenemy, because David won't let Superman forget the time he killed his friends...
Wow, Jeopardy forgot Red Kryptonite? Ya learn something new everyday...

THIS is the moment (heh. "Moment".) when "David Sim" became "Dave". True story. Swear to God. You could look it up.
 Okay, tomorrow we WON'T be seeing Dave's letter from Batman #235. I swear.

Next Time: They're Cerebus and Hobbs. Cerebus and Hobbs. One is an aardvark, the other one is Hobbs. To prove their vark-y worth. They'll photoshop the Earth. They're dinky. They're Cerebus and Hobbs, Hobbs, Hobbs, Hobbs, Hobbs!

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Jeff said...

Yeah, this was probably Dave's first printed LOC, as he was around 10 years and four or five months old when he wrote this letter to Direct Currents' editor.