Friday, 4 January 2019

Happy new year 2019 edition (Dave's Weekly Update #268)

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

Problems viewing this video? Watch directly on YouTube...

Also, I got this in the Ol' AMOC Mailbag:

From: <>Date: Thu, Dec 27, 2018 at 8:00 AM
Subject: Congratulations Cerebus Vol. 1 will be available for sale on comiXology on January 2, 2019
To: <>


We wanted to let you know that Cerebus Vol. 1 will be available for sale on comiXology onWednesday, January 2, 2019. We are including the unique url you can use to help promote your book via social media.

This link will not be active until after the book is available for sale, between 9am & 10am EST on Wednesday, so please make sure it works prior to socializing it.

When you paste the link above into Facebook, it will automatically generate a great post with all the pertinent information about your book.

When posting the link on Twitter, be sure to include a reference to @comiXology Submit in your tweet. This will help us find your tweets in case we want to retweet them.

Also be sure to follow us, as well as your fellow Submit creators on Twitter. We've created aTwitter list of Submit creators and will be adding more weekly. Retweeting each other's tweets is effective and helps you reach a broader audience. Below is an example of a tweet you can use to promote your book.

My comic Cerebus Vol. 1 is NOW available on @comiXology Submit! Be sure to check it out! #cXSubmit

Below you will find your metadata as it will appear on the site. For Tumblr users you can copy the contents of the frame and paste it into a text post via the Tumblr dashboard. This will create a post featuring the cover art, as well as links to your comic on the comiXology website.

And don't forget to post links to your comic on your website so people visiting your site can easily find your content on comiXology.

Don't forget to sign up for the comiXology Newsletter and follow us on Facebook & Tumblr, so you can keep up to date on what titles are being released via comiXology Submit weekly.

Finally Cerebus Vol. 1 has automatically been added to the comiXology account associated with your submission. It will be available on the day of release.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

comiXology Submit Team

Cerebus Vol. 1

Cerebus Vol. 1

Cover by: Gerhard
By: Sean Michael Robinson
Art by: Dave Sim
Written by: Dave Sim
Cover by: Dave Sim
Lettered by: Dave Sim
Price: $9.99

Intellectual, entertaining, and though-provoking, Cerebus was the longest running independent black and white comic of all time! Cerebus, a small, gray, and chronically ill-tempered aardvark, makes his living as a barbarian, but soon his adventures will lead to much greater things!

Completely remastered in 2016 from the best available sources on a page-by-page basis--original art, photo negatives, and Dave Sim's personal file copies of the original issues. This edition also includes a lavishly-illustrated 6,000 word essay on the history of Cerebus, contextualizing this monumental work for current and future readers.

Buy now on comiXology!

So, ya know, NEAT!

More on this tomorrow, and then on Monday...

Next Time: If all six parts are uploaded, "Please Hold For Dave Sim" for January. If not, then I'm good and fucked aren't I?


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Why did you format that way you stupid piece of shit!


(Everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?)

JLH said...

The Youtube comments section, which has never been a bastion of positive human existence, has devolved into a breeding ground for mouth breathing idiots (well, just one in particular so far as I'm making my way closer to the most recent). Whoever runs the Cerebus Online account should consider policing ita little.

Steve said...

On the topic of Miller and Monroe, my father worked on a fairly extensive landscaping project with them in Connecticut, involving building a pond on their property.

Dad's told me that Miller was very protective of Monroe and would do his best to stand between Monroe and Dad (or his co-worker) any time they had to discus the project.

Dad also says that at one point in the project Marilyn walked a bit away towards a fenced off part of the property; when she went to swing her leg over the low fence all three men (Miller, Dad, and co-worker) stopped to watch her: she was wearing jeans, and in the mid / late 50's this was quite uncommon for women.


Anonymous said...

In case anyone is interested, Dave is currently being vilified online (again) via Twitter and Youtube and by multiple sources for his relationship with an underage girl. Ethan Van Sciver has now disassociated himself from Sim:

THE TRUTH ABOUT DAVE SIM (HIS Relationship with a 13 YEAR OLD)

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Oh we know "anonymous", we know...


Al said...

I can't really blame Ethan for doing so, but I still think that's a shame.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I can. EVS is...

Ya know what? I'ma save it for Monday...


comic book reader said...

I don't know Umbrella guy but he sounds like someone desperately trying to cover up a very heavy southern accent.

Anonymous said...

Umbrella guy sounds like a (very) poor man's Matthew McConaughey. The way he kept emphasizing in that dull, smug voice -- "Now this is all in Dave's own words", as if to say "there's no other possible take on this than to see Dave as a terrible person" was so obnoxious.

Sean R said...

Ugh, that video. Just terrible terrible terrible out of context crap.

Re: Comixology--their credits listing is totally wacky! My name was listed in the "OTHER" category (reflecting the essay authorship) and it's displaying as "BY"? Ugh. I've asked Jay to remove my credit so the credits appear correctly.

Jeff said...

Okay, b/c I'm getting old and memory is not a huge priority and b/c I've been hit on the head a few too many times, I'm not sure, but wasn't Comixology the company that Dave took about half of the Cerebus Archive comic book to? And wasn't Comixology the company that was about six months late on every delivery and then just stopped delivering at all? And isn't Comixology the company that still owes me three back issues of the Cerebus Archive comic?

If I'm wrong, mea culpa.

Birdsong said...
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