Thursday, 7 February 2019

Looked Like a Hyena

We looked at some Suenteus Po dialogue from Dave Sim's 20th Cerebus just last week in The Reformer. The notebook covers issues #153 to 164 and had 59 pages scanned.

From the same notebook, a different kind of dialogue - from the  talk show host:

Notebook #20, page 39
The dialogue comes from Cerebus #163, page 11, or if you're following along in the phonebooks, page 17 of Women.

Cerebus #163, page 11
The dialogue is pretty much what ends up on the finish page, with the exception of the show's host name - that is what Dave was working with along the top of the notebook page.


Slumbering Agartha said...

I wonder if Sennheiser makes one of those Ankhrophones.

Jeff said...

What's 'er name? You, know...

Opera? Okra? Oh-pearl? Oopra? I dunno.

(Homage to or pastiche of the Simpsi-doodles.)

Annd, thank you, as always, beyond 300, Margaret!

Jeff said...

Okay, this is where I have gotten in trouble with Dave, many times before.

The word was meant to look like "GRANDCHILDREN".

But, it looks like "GRAN PILDREN".
Tell me that I'm wrong, or tell Dave that he squeaked by on the lettering award that year. (If, in fact, he did win.)

Just sayin'.

HI, Dave! You're still my go-to guy!😇

Jeff said...

I duck, juuuuuust avoiding the...[dot; dot, dot ... dot, dot, dot, dot; ..... dot ...] acerbic comment.)

Phew! (Lotta sweat on that forehead. Mine, of course; no bronzing oil on my hand. Just massage oil...)

Okay, BUILD THE WALL! And, oh yeah, Nancy bad; wall good!

Jeff said...

Ummm, actually, it looks like "PeNKPREN". Or, "DeILCP (or "D", as in, Tenacious) REN".

Dave at his award-winning, lettering zenith. Or, nadir. Or, equatorial flop sweat, or ... WTF do I know? I'm just trying to make you guys (and ladies) laugh.

Wait. Which way is up, again?

Just tryin'...

Jeff said...

'Cause, you know

whc03grady said...
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whc03grady said...

Did someone hide Jeff’s Ritalin again?

Unknown said...

It just occurred to the world of Cerebus, we only ever saw the one "talking animal" type: aardvarks. (Am I wrong? I can't think of any; the talking lion in Mary, ERNESTway's dream doesn't count.)

Buuuut...maybe there were also hyena people?

"Untold Tales of Estarcion" AHOY!

Anthony Kuchar said...

I never quite understood the logic of why she's holding an Ankh.

Like, in the real world it's a parody of a microphone on a talk show, so I get it. But they don't have mics in Cerebus's time.

It's a little bit Flintstones if you ask me.

JLH said...

Maybe it's like a talking stick, whoever holds it or has it held toward them gets the floor?

How exactly would one pronounce her name? It's gotta be Raff-oway or something.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Could be.

And her name is "Rap Ho". Rap. Ho.