Wednesday, 12 February 2020

CEREBUS Campaign Button #1

Yeah, back again, and this time with something better...

Announcing the semi-official-like launch of  CEREBUS' Campaign for Presi... err Prim... err HIGHER OFFICE!!!


Tired of paying through the nose for, well, everything?  Here's your chance to get a genuine Cerebus merchandise item for a mere 5 bucks.

Cerebus Campaign Button #1

As seen in the soon to be released HIGH SOCIETY 2020 Campaign Edition (Newly Remastered-Regular and Limited Editions), the I VOTE FOR CEREBUS button.  No longer two dimensional, but a real deal button you can hold in your hand.

Hand, floor and chair courtesy of Chez Birdsong

Pin it on something, swallow it, throw it at political opponents, eat it,  whatever, you bought it do what you want with it!

What's the catch?  Nothing really, it's on eBay, go buy one.  And hurry, there are only 50 available.

Cerebus Campaign Button on eBay - Get it NOW

from the eBay listing:

CEREBUS 2020 Campaign Button #1

The official campaign button for Cerebus Campaign 2020.  The first in a series of... (?).  This is a limited item.  First come, first served.  Due to the small amount of available buttons we are asking folks to limit themselves to one button.  That being said if you really want to make more than one order no one around here is going to say no to $$$.

Due to increasing shipping costs worldwide we are forced on pain of harsh language and stern looks to charge more for international shipping, but we appreciate your support and strive to keep costs as low as possible.

Once the supply of buttons is exhausted we will launch button #2.

Thank you for your support.

"Cerebus is Cerebus and Cerebus approved this message."

But what if you can't or won't use eBay (Hi, Jeff!)?  There are a few of these buttons scattered around under my desk or in the fridge or something.  If you absolutely must then shoot me an email at and we'll work something out.  (THIS IS NOT DAVE SIM'S EMAIL.  DAVE DOESN'T HAVE EMAIL!  (well, actually there is that one, but he never uses it only directs his minions to send super secret... what?  Oh, sorry, forget I said anything.))  This option is VERY limited so, you know, the sooner the better.

A word about shipping:  These are $5 (US) and if you live in the US that is all you will pay.  A Cerebus item under $10 is unheard of, but we wanted to offer a break to everyone's wallet for a change.  International shipping is another matter altogether and as always we feel for the international readers.  I checked and it costs $17.25 (US) (!!!) to send a one ounce package to Australia, prices vary in other spots.  We REALLY wish that wasn't the case.  If you happen to be going to ComicCon this year we could hand deliver a button to you in person (We being me or maybe Sean, possibly Benjamin).  Sorry to harp on about shipping, but the guilt and shame we feel for charging anything for shipping is a terrible burden and most likely due to the left over Puritanical shame that comes with being born in the 20th century.

Once these buttons are gone, they are gone and we launch phase 2.  What's phase 2?  Let's just say there's some orange hair involved.

Over 2 inches of high quality Cere-goodness


Via US Mail

This is what you are watching for in the mail except that the button will be inside the envelope and Margaret, your address is actually readable on the real thing.  (Unless you are one of the two (so far) International buyers.  Those will be in a larger envelope to accommodate a customs form.  And yes, we can combine International shipping.)

8 buttons left.  Just sayin'.

Next Time:  Did you know Margaret scanned all of Dave's notebooks from when he was working on the original Cerebus series?  Let's ask her real nice and see if she will share something.


Larry Wooten said...


Brian West said...


Michael R. said...


Jeff said...

I already have a "Lebowski 2020: This will not stand, man!" sweatshirt, so I'm gonna stand by my man 😎, and pass on this one. But Red Sophia as VP? Count me in!

Birdsong said...

Update: 43 buttons sold in 24 hours. If you ordered and are reading this, thank you very much from the whole CIH? team. Order fulfillment starts this morning.

Byron said...

As a Canadian citizen, proud of Cerebus' heritage, I feel betrayed. AND offended!

; - )

Birdsong said...

Wait until next month, you'll be throwing things at us.

crazyyears said...

Ordered! And not a moment too soon. I got the penultimate button.
But what's all this about the "soon to be released HIGH SOCIETY 2020 Campaign Edition (Newly Remastered-Regular and Limited Editions)?"

Birdsong said...

Dave always strives to keep the phonebooks in print and now that Diamond has sold out of the last printing of High Society the next one is coming out. Since the last printing Sean Michael Robinson has located and remastered 12 additional pages to be included in this newest printing. It just so happens that it is being released at the height of the election season here in the states and there will be a limited amount of books with tip in plates signed by Dave: The Red State Edition, The Blue State Edition and the I Vote For Cerebus Edition, limited to 100 copies each (I think it's 100, don't quote me just yet). I designed the I Vote For Cerebus plate and it features the buttons that went on sale this week. The next button will be quite similar to the Sean Robinson designed Red State Edition (Sean also designed the Blue State Edition). Diamond will be keeping a tally on which editions sell the most or the fastest and there will be an announcement later (can you tell I'm not entirely clear on all the details?). There will be a formal announcement soon.

crazyyears said...

David B.,

Holy crap! That's a lot of detail for not having much detail. Good thing I've just been gainfully employed again.
Thanks for the response.

Jeff said...

If I bite at this, as I normally do, that would make ... um ... do the math, Jeff .. NO FINGERS!!! ... um ... five copies of HS in my posession.

But, like my, recently dearly departed cat, Pud, I don't *always* bite.

Jeff said...

Oh, BTW, as I normally don't get credited here, but I (usually) did the proofreading of the previously remastered editions (and was credited in the remasters [Thanks, Sean!]), I'm hoping to get a contributor's copy of each edition, sometime next year.

These three? All bets are off.

Maybe I'll get copies numbered 301.

Maybe. We'll see.

😿😿😒😒😒😿😿 R.I.P, Puddy-tat.

Lee Thacker said...

So sorry to hear about Pud, Jeff. I've been through it with a number of cats the years - all strays which have found me by wandering in and deciding to stay - and I know how devastating it can be. Hope you're coping okay.