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Cerebus Around the World and Web #20 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

The new one: Attractive Cousins


The four different High Societys.

As it is Sunday, Oliver Simonsen once again dons his leather jacket, fires up his V-8 Interceptor and goes out into the wastelands to bring us links to Cerebus/Dave Sim/Gerhard content from the doomed wreckage of humanity's end...
Oliver Simonsen:
Self quarantine and read Cerebus

If you were quarantined for a month, and you could only have one book: Cerebus!

Dave Lambert: "Keep your distance, folks." (click link for Cerebus slideshow)

Bleeding Cool spotlights upcoming "Cerebus in hell?" issue

Virgil and Dante in "Cerebus in hell?" are set

Dave Sim promises: "* money-back guarantee applies to comics stores. Include a photocopy of the relevant DIAMOND ORDER(S) specifying the discounted price you paid DIAMOND for the CIH? #1s you're returning. Return them to Aardvark-Vanaheim, not DIAMOND."

Cerebus on list of "four of my go-to books to re-read. Books that remind me what comics can do"

Video Game Producer Thierry Gagnon has a new Cerebus article in French

Brendan Montgomery: Thank you everyone who downloaded the Gerhard issue of Sequential Magazine. Print copies are now available for order at
Nathaniel Radman Oberstein
said he would organize a group order for Americans to split the higher international shipping cost. Let me know and I'll get those to you soon

Gerhard also shares that the book "Monster Atlas 2: Europe part II: Western Europe" was supposed to premiere at the now cancelled Toronto Comic Con featuring his work such as (see below)

"Cerebus Syndrome" part of vernacular, here used by Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method
London School of Economics

Comic Book and Film critic Kyle Pinion to hit the the Cerebus, Love & Rockets, and Astro City trifecta

Cerebus on list of "10 things I'm grateful for"

Editor at the Daily Beast has Cerebus?

Studying Cerebus lettering?

Cerebus inspires graphic novel/prose hybrids

Cerebus is incredible

Cartoonist Kayfabe - The audio/visual inside-scoop from master comic makers Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg spotlights Bud Plant selling Cerebus

[En EspaƱol -Matt]:
David Macho, Writer and Coordinator of several Comic Cons looks back at Dave Sim and Gene Day in Spanish

Cerebus remembered in Spanish

Cerebus did it better (thank you Spanish google translate)

Spanish article on Cerebus

Comics that start with the letter "C" in Spanish

Cerebus is pretty (or something like that...Google Spanish translate might have failed me here:))

[Volver al ingles -Matteo]:
Cerebus is some of the best comics ever.

Star Wars quotes Cerebus

Spiderman and hashtagged Cerebus, inhiding

Comic Book Store is closed but shipping Comics with an on sale date of 3/25/2020. hashtagged Cerebus

hashtagged iest, Church and State, Cerebus and Dave Sim

Brady-Hoover draws Cerebus
Cerebus "motion comic"

Cerebus comic cameo in progress

Vlogger focuses on Jaka (in Spanish)

Cerebus collection shared
"tmntcomics1984" shares: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Book Volume One by Mirage Licensing published a few months before Peter sold the company to Nickelodeon in 2009! Contains TMNT volume 1 issues 1-11, all 4 original micro- series & the Fugitoid one shot! A rare comic as its one of the very few things that David Sim let Cerebus cameos rarely get reprinted!"

"Star Joes Podcast" shares it's love for the Cerebus/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover

Dean Reeeves recommends Cerebus to people who don't read comics

Guy Herbert, Director of Literary Agency "Marjacq", quotes Cerebus:
- If you could have any amount of money - any amount at all - how much would you want?
- All of it.


Margaret Liss: "So I won a picture off ebay that says it is "Dave Sims, comic book creator". Looking at the thumbnail I recognized Dave Sim and the Cerebus muppet. Then when I got it, I looked closer, is that Ger Hard standing in the chimney?
The picture is also stamped Dec 16 1992, Houston Chronicle Library."

Margaret adds: It looks like it was probably for this article:

Eolake Stobblehouse comments: "The "rock star" years. Hearing about the expenditures in those times, my goodness how much money was he making??"

John Christian expands: "That would have been for his appearance in Houston at Bedrock City for the final stop on the 92 US Tour (the stop immediately following his appearance at my store). And regarding EolakeStobblehouse's comment about expenditures, I can personally vouch. Dave hired a stretch limo to take himself, me, Martin, Colleen, and Diane from Killeen all the way down to Houston. I don't know what it cost him, but it couldn't have been cheap."

Kenneth W. Lieck shares:

Will Gray asks and Margaret Liss answers: Cerebus is 229 years old in issue 300, at least according to Alexx's timeline

Marcus Montgomery: "Imma drink a big glass of warm salty water and it clear up alla my coronavirus. (Apparently this doesn't actually work.)"

Well thanks Oliver!

Next Time: "Meanwhile back at the Regency..."


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