Friday, 6 March 2020

Windbag land speed record (Dave's Weekly Update #329)

Hi, Everybody!


Great new logo, right? Thanks Sean!

Wow, that was...brief.


And there is more High Society than you can shake a baby at.

And Dave's got stuff for Auction. Here's Jeff Seiler:
Jeff says: "Me answering Dave's phone call while sitting in front of Dave's original art at a private viewing at Heritage Auctions in Dallas today."
So, over on my Faceybook, I posted this picture:
Making sure the logo was clear. 
And our very own Margaret asked how she could get one of them fancy shirts.

Short answer is she can't.

I had three made: one for me, one for Jesse Herndon as a thank you for transcribing all the Please Hold videos (what? You thought he did that because he's a really nice guy? I mean, he IS a really nice guy, so he deserves an exclusive shirt...), and one for the box of stuff I need to send up to Dave.

But, than I thought maybe I should get more made. So I asked on the Cerebus Facebook group, and got a positive response.

So here's a better shot of the shirt:
And the logo:

I was thinking of changing the color of the shirt to something else, so the first ones are still unique. The options are:
Click for bigger
 They also got Women's sizes (if that's what you need.)

The standard price is $21.95 (US), but right now they're 50% off (so $13.95. Sometimes they're even cheaper.)

They're may be a limit on how many I can order, but if you're interested, let me know what size and color (I'm pretty sure I don't have to order just one color.) at And, they got other stuff besides shirts, so if you see something you want the AMOC logo on, same deal. I'm not charging anything, so it's their price plus shipping (and I ship for as cheap as I can, anywhere.)

Oh, and Dave and I talked for an hour and eight minutes yesterday, so:

Next Time: 
Click if you need it bigger...


Birdsong said...

Cerebus only talks in Joe Kubert font these days. Therefore you have an imposter on yore strip.

Steve said...

It'd be nice to know the web address for the 'slabbed data' that Dave references, and I was actually thinking of the issue he mentions as the 'most slabbed'.

feather in my cap, I suppose


Birdsong said...

Birdsong said...

What’s really funny is the most slabbed Cerebus comic is Amazing Cerebus 1, a parody of ASM 300.

Brian West said...

Steve, Greg Holland also has a slab data web site. Here's a link to the Overstreet Report he posted to, the one Dave alludes to here.

Brian West said...

Tony Dunlop said...

So what I want to know is, why is Matt posing in front of an '80s anti-drug poster?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

It's not.

It's a parody poster.

This is your brain
This is your brain on drugs
This is your brain with a side order of bacon

Steve said...

Thanks fellow travelers for the CGC links; that slabdata one is intense!

Do any of these sorts of sites have a free "prices realized" feature?


Tony again said...

Ah. One of my housemates at the time used to respond to the question at the end of that TV commercial - "Any questions?" - with "Yeah, when's breakfast?"

Tony one more time said...

I suppose I should provide some context just in case there's any whippersnappers reading this blog...

Brian West said...

Tony: I might be one of the younger visitors here. Yet, I was old enough to remember seeing that "Just Say No" ad growing up.

Steve: No problem. Happy to be of service. Maybe Mr. Holland could answer your query about "prices realized" data?

Tony one more time said...

Waitaminnit - I looked at Brian's link, having no idea what "slabbed" meant, and it's not 100% clear, but it looks like a "slabbed" comic has necessarily been sealed ("encapsulated") and thus rendered unreadable?
What the hell is the point of owning a comic you can never read? Good Lord, what a world I find myself in.

Brian West said...

I will you there, Tony. Back boards are about as sophisticated as I am wont to get. I do that only to help me when shipping Cerebus #1s i buy to friends and family. Other wise the comics are for reading IMO.

Brian West said...

I am with you there, Tony.*

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Remember the guy who found the Action Comics #1 in his wall?

And his Mother-In-Law grabbed it out of his hand and ripped the cover?

Which lowered it's value by $5000?

That's why you slab a comic...

(I mean, I'd never do it to my books, but that's why...)

Steve said...

I understand 'slabbing' comics as a third party evaluation of grade, condition, and so on - just as is done with currency, coins, etc.

Most recently (last 5+ years) the great majority of comics I've had graded are the few I have which actually have some value. And I'm investing in the grading for two primary reasons: if I get taking out by the proverbial bus, it'll be easier for my widowed wife to maximize the sale value of the graded comics.
Second, if I do have to sell them for other financial reasons, the ROI of grading makes it worthwhile. (For example: a FF # 52, first appearance of Black Panther; I paid about $10 for it in the early 90's. Graded as a CGC 6.0 with a market value of about $600 - much more than I would get selling the book ungraded.)