Saturday, 16 May 2020

CiH? Daily Strip #28

From the Head Office in Kitchener, Ontario, it's TODAY'S Cerebus in Hell?!!!:

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty retarded, in a clinical, pathological case, I mean.

Conservatives skew to denying reality but they still fail when they work with facts.

Here, the joke is based on a juxtaposition of rule and irrelevant exception to the rule. The connection between the two is delusional. With further thought, the exception may not even be correct because alternatives aren’t even considered.

Then again, the problem, as displayed here, with the conservative intellect is that it starts by accepting lies and bullshit as sacred truths that must be accepted and never questioned.

As for anyone taking offense at my comments: To paraphrase members of Trump's base, fuck your feelings. And to paraphrase Plastic Woman II (Melania): I really don't care.