Friday, 12 June 2020

Baby Yoda outtakes (Dave's Weekly Update #340) / Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hi, Everybody!


Everybody say "Thanks Sean!" for the logo.

The Indiegogo ends Sunday night, so if you want a Remastered Cerebus #1, there's your FINAL ORDER CUT OFF.

The newest Cerebus In Hell? The Amicable Spider-Vark is available to order from Diamond. Green Dante/Green Virgil is in stores, and Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back should be in stores the last Wednesday of the month.

Heritage has the cover for issue #30, and some glamourpuss art too.

Remember a few days ago when I posted this fax from Dave:
And I made it a contest?

Winner would get a signed copy of Vark Wars (the first one. Signed by me.) and a prototype of the bookmark from the Kickstarter for the remastered Cerebus #1. And they get to be Special Friend of the Day (and really doesn't that make the other prizes irrelevant?)?

(Suitable for framing.)
Michael sent in:

I faxed them to Dave saying, "I don't see it."

And Dave said:

And then:
Well, no. He doesn't. 'cause my birthday was yesterday, and Margaret gets Thursdays ("It's in MY contract DAMMIT!!!" Yes Margaret, we know. We're agreeing with you. Nobody is posting anything on Thursdays. Why don't you put that sword down and get a muffin from the break room? Look at how calm everybody is. Nobody's yelling. Nobody's freaking out. Nobody's calling security. Nobody's questioning why they took this gig from Tim...), so he gets to hear about it today. (Actually he DID hear about it yesterday, but that's because I emailed him about it. Anyway, Dave sent pictures:


Congratulations again to Michael R. of Easton Pennsylvania.

Next Time: A Special A Moment of Cerebus look at the remastered Cerebus #1.


Michael R. said...

Hi Matt!
I was hoping you were going to try and beat Dave's hand by offering more, but being selected as the "specialist friend" trumps Dave's hand any day. LOL. Thank you both! I'm raising a glass to both tonight.
Do you know what the WJC project is?...or we get Sgt. Shultz answer?

Birdsong said...
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Michael R. said...

Hi David!
Awesome that CAN9 is getting done. Hopefully for us Americans we'll get out 2nd stimulus money before the next CAN9 Kickstarter begins. LOL!

Now I'm more curious about what Benjamin has plans for.


PS--- how good is your memory about winning contests that Dave presented? A bit of trivia with glamourpuss, me and you. Hint. Hint.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I know... something?

I dunno, the pictures don't make sense to me, but they never do until I get some context.

(Oh TELL you? Not on your life!)

Michael R. said...

Wasn't it you way back in 2011 that Dave mentioned on CerebusTV that whoever found the "hidden Cerebus" would win some prize. You had a "cloudy super hidden Cerebus that Dave accidentally had drawn". I REALLY can't remember that episode. I'm sure Manly would remember. Otherwise, he wouldn't be that manly. LOL.

Jeff said...

I was the first to wish Matt a Happy Birthday here at AMOC. (I would imagine that Paula and Janis Pearl and Bullwinkle were the first to do so in real [or, "real"] life.)

Just sayin'. It's on my calendar every June. He's a friend, even if he doesn't like me all that much.

Jeff said...

That's my favorite Clemens quote, the one about lies. Having been both a professional psychologist and sportswriter, I know about stats (I still only understand about half of baseball "analytics" and care about only a quarter of them).

My other go-to quote is, "Hell, is other people," from Sartre. Nice digression from the usual proceedings, Dave. I followed along with my copy of the same edition of Bartlett's.

Birdsong said...
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Jeff said...

"my friend, we thought they'd never end; we thought they'd never end, oh, yes, those were the days!"

You do know that Dave will outlive us all, right?

I just hope that I can finish proofreading all of the Cerebus volumes. And, then, glamourpuss. And, then, CIH?.

Still, we were young and innocent(?) back then; as was Dave, right?


Jeff said...

P.S.: I got a Dave moment way back in...'05, '06(?), when I asked Ger in person if he had intentionally drawn "demon 'eads and skuws" on the wallpaper in the half-completed stairway upon which Ancient Cerebus attempts to climb, in one of the last issues of "Cerebus".

It took a while but, then, Ger answered, "Oh, yeah, I did it to see if Dave would notice."

As a few, select, Cerebites might remember, I then went batshit crazy, saying, loudly, "I was right, I was right!!!"

It was because, after I had written earlier to Dave, asking him about the stairway wallpaper skulls in the environment of the stairway (to heaven?), he denied that the "skuws" were there. I argued with him, at length, but he held his ground.

Eventually, he told me that, in those very latter daies, he didn't have much time to look at what Ger drew behind his having "positioned" Cerebus halfway up a blocked off stairway.

Those were crazy, rushing, pedal to the metal, last days to meet the Last Day's scheduled last month, March 2004.

Sixteen years (now) and whattayou got?

Jeff said...

Go back and look closely in "The Last Day" and you'll see the "skuw".

BTW, that is Ger riffing back on, among other scenes, Prince Mick lamenting that his carriage had broken down on the ride up the side of the ever rising mountain (a metaphor, if I've ever seen one) and Prince Keef not being able to take a piss with all of the "skuws"... judging him.

A nice interlude, especially with Cerebus taking a swig from Prince Mick's bottle: whiskey laced with codeine. After Cerebus throws up, Prince Mick says, "They ya go!"

Also, "Keef! Time fer yer wakey-wakey dose!"

"Also, the powp has given us all of 'is gowld."

Cut to Prince Keef leaning his head out of the carriage window and murmuring, "Oy should like to buy drogs wif moy 'alf."

Most memorable line from this issue?

Prince Mick: "Whoy do I always end up bein' everybody's muvver?"

CLASSIC issue.

Jeff said...

Also, Prince Mick and Prince Keef, having escaped the forced marriage to "the buttock sistahs", were hilarious, and poignant, in "Guys".

Margaret said...

Wait. I have a contract?