Saturday, 13 June 2020


Hi, Everybody!

Got an e-mail from Eddie Khanna:

10 June 20

Hi Folks!

I'm afraid I've had enough. THE STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND can't be made to happen with 123 people. All the money you paid in is gone, as is the $9K I made selling SDOAR artwork through, the $16K that came in on CAN8 (I'm still paying off the $4.7K shipping bill) and what was left of the JAKA'S STORY REMASTERED money. I’m back to borrowing against my life insurance to pay bills. And, personally, making about $350 US a month.

It's also taking all my time to keep up with CEREBUS IN HELL? -- Watch for SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? coming later this year through Diamond -- and my new (and presumably "from now on" lifelong) role as a 1980s Nostalgia Act in association with Waverly Press and, of course, the CEREBUS ARCHIVE Portfolios. Those I will continue to deliver on.

I'm sorry you all wasted your money on SDOAR. I can't remember the last time I effed everyone over as I'm doing here. I don’t think I ever have.

If you can afford to just write off what you donated, I would appreciate it. If you need a refund, let me know through Eddie Khanna and, on a first-come, first-served basis, I'll arrange to have someone in the U.S. send you a USD check for $50. Or an International Money Order. Or something. YOU tell ME. I can, of course, just send you a Canadian cheque if you're a Canadian. Just let Eddie know which category you're in and what you need and -- a few months from now when (God willing) I actually get paid for HIGH SOCIETY and whenever (God willing) I get whatever I’m going to get on the CEREBUS No.1s  -- I'Il pay you back. And I'll let you know where you are on the first-come, first-served list and when you can expect to get paid back "going forward" in as close to Real Time as possible.

All the research materials for SDOAR exist and Eddie is my successor. They will be made available in a massive document dump to anyone who's interested at some point. There just won't ever be a Volume One, Two or Three per se. It WAS GOING TO BE a really interesting book and I enjoyed working on it. But, I have to face the fact that, at age 64, the only MARKETABLE comics cred I have are the first 5 issues of CEREBUS, TURTLES No.8 and SPAWN 10.

Which is what Dagon and I are working on. HOW do you keep selling CEREBUS No.1 since that's all anyone in the comic-book field's interested in? I guess we’II find out.

13 June 20


My plan had been to finish SDOAR VOL 1 and 2 and than take a break to promote them with the CALIFORNIA TEST MARKET EDITION and DEATH OF A COMICS SALESMAN sales trip, resuming work on VOL 3 (for which l've mocked up 20 or so pages) on my return to Canada.

It became apparent that this wasn't going to work even before COVID 19 made international travel impossible.

Whatever the world is going to turn into or has turned into wasn't going to include "meet and greet/press the flesh" promotions. And definitely not of non-CEREBUS work.

I’m the CEREBUS creator and that’s only thing at which l can make a living. Almost exclusively from my very earliest work (as evidenced by the $45,000 raised by the Waverly press CEREBUS #1 Kickstarter last month: further evidenced by the fact that only a third of that amount was raised by CAN8, my 1990’s work; further evidenced by the fact that a third of the CAN8 amount was raised by SDOAR FE, my 21st century work).

I hope to work in SDOAR VOLS. 3, 4 and 5 as a hobby but that seems really unlikely.

l'm 64 years old and will "die in harness" trying to eke out a living from

1) the nostalgic affection enjoyed by the 1970s and very early 1980s CEREBUS through Waverly Press

2) the patronage of DIAMOND COMIC DlSTRIBlUTORS who, very generously, continue to purchase profit-making quantities of CEREBUS VOLUME ONE and HIGH SOCIETY and break-even quantities of the other 14 volumes

3) SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? 4-issue reprint volumes beginning early next year.

l'll also be doing a lot more posting to Matt Dow's A MOMENT OF CEREBUS trying to hang onto the CEREBUS audience that still exists.

Thank you for your support over the years. l'm sorry to have disappointed you.
Dave Sim

PS: A major reason for selecting Eddie Khanna as my successor is that I knew that, after my death, he wouldn't allow all of the work we've done on SDOAR to just disappear or fade away, As he indicates in his communications following this, the whole project has been like trying to swim the English Channel with anvils chained to our ankles. That isn't going to change, l don't think. But, I have every confidence that Eddie will keep alive the spirit or The Comic-Art Metaphysics Graphic Novel That Might Have Been by sharing that part of The Cerebus Archive with everyone interested until it's time for his own successor as president of Aardvark-Vaneheim to take over.

13 Jun 2020

Hi everyone, Eddie here.

I will be attempting to fulfill the orders for SDOAR (FE) on my own without any further expenses being incurred by Dave or AV. His only contribution will still be the personalized hand-written message if requested and his signature. The name you specified will still appear printed on the page, along with the number I sent when verifying your mailing address.

If anyone (understandably) doesn’t want to commit to a limited edition graphic novel that will never be completed, from a publishing novice trying to get it printed, signed, and delivered (which, given how cursed this project seems, is more than likely to go sideways at some point thereby necessitating the need for a refund anyway), please let me know at, and I’ll put you on the refund list.

I will be keeping you updated on the progress, so if at anytime before the book is shipped you want a refund, please let me know and I’ll add you to the refund list.

Anyone who asked for their CAN8s to be shipped with their copy of SDOAR (FE) will be sent their CAN8s from AV as soon as possible, after Diamond has paid for HIGH SOCIETY in August sometime.

Thank you to those of you who supported this project, especially for so long, and tried to help keep it going. I wish there were better news. But it seems these aren’t really the days of “better news.”

Hi everyone, Eddie here

I wish there were better news, but Dave is now done with SDOAR, except for only autographing and where requested, personalizing the SDOAR (FE) copies of Volume 1.

Dave has requested that everyone stop donating to the Patreon by the end of June, since he’s officially suspended work on SDOAR. I’ll be unpublishing the creator page after that, so I can look at archiving and saving all the posts. He has said I’m free to post my research material and our correspondence about it to a Patreon of my own, but that the money should be going to me, not him. But if/when that happens most likely won’t be for a while, since my main priority is fulfilling the orders on SDOAR (FE) for everyone who purchased one and still wants one, and processing where to go from here with what I have. But I will be posting some more SDOAR material here until the end of the month.

SDOAR has been very challenging, intricate, intense, and rewarding, and one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life, just from the research and assistance side, so I can only imagine how much more so it’s been for Dave. Comic-Art Metaphysics works in strange ways, and this was definitely High-Level Comic-Art Metaphysics from the get-go. Unfortunately, one of the things you learn very quickly is that you don’t get to direct where it goes; IT directs YOU where to go (similar to becoming thoroughly engaged in a REALLY good comic book, where you’ve submitted yourself on multiple levels of immersion to what you’re reading, and let go of the steering wheel).

Again, I can’t help but say Thank You to all of you, who have been very loyal and supportive of this and Dave’s work (and Dave himself). Hopefully I will be able to fulfill the SDOAR Fundraiser Editions on my own, and send a copy to everyone who ordered one. It’s the least you deserve for all your support.

Eddie Khanna
I already called Dave and told him to keep the $80 USD check I wrote. And I told Eddie that when he finds out how much SDOAR (FE) is gonna cost to let me know so I can pay him.

I give Dave $5 a month through the Patreon, because I support Dave, not to get anything. I still support Dave, so he can still have my $5.

Or, as I sent to Eddie:
Shut Up And Take My Money! | Know Your Meme

I know this is a bummer, but it ain't over 'til it's over...

Matt Dow
Interim Editor
A Moment of Cerebus

Next Time: Happy news?


George Peter Gatsis said...

Eddie and Dave,

I strongly suggest that you send me the digital files and I will prepare a DIGITAL PURCHASE / DOWNLOAD option on

the people who have supported SDOAR will at least get the digital.

and new customers will pay for it.

$$$ will continue to come in.

Please, seriously consider this as a viable option.


carson said...

Sorry George,

Given the complete disregard or regret Dave is showing in this statement for the 2 1/2 years of my life I poured into this, for free, under the promise of it being published, I intend to take advantage of Dave's long-standing belief that all artists involved share ownership and can publish.

I also consider Eddie and Sean as co-owners. I hope that the three of us can find a publisher for the two volumes that are completed. Or, that we can kickstart the project. Until then it would be appreciated if the work was not distributed through digital means. This book was meant to be seen in a physical format.


Larry Wooten said...

Well, Dave can cut his hair again.
Seriously though, sad news. I am all for the Patreon site continuing to help support a creator whose work we have enjoyed. It's not a huge amount from us but I am sure it helps. Which allows more money to go directly to Dave Sim, Patreon or CerebusDownloads? Whichever way may be the best for going forward.

George Peter Gatsis said...

This is the last post I will make on this subject.
Expect no response from me.

The digital is the best and responsible thing that can happen, until a physical copy can be made possible.

Anything less, is a great concern.

There is nothing more for Dave to do... just send me the files.

Lets get the book to the backers.

john g. said...

Jeez, those e-mails read like a suicide note (talking about letting people down, giving stuff away, naming a successor, etc.). I guess Dave doesn’t drink anymore (?) or else a friend should take him out for a few cold ones to get him out of his own head for awhile. Very few people in this world have created something as lasting and important as Cerebus. We love you, Dave!

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Aw, too bad. Still, with all the "comics art metaphysics" stuff, it looked like it was going to be for true believers only anyway; that's disappointing, as the stuff in Glamourpuss looked almost incisive about a too-forgotten aspect of cartooning.

For someone who claims to believe in signs as strongly as Dave does, he's taking a long time to get it: god is done with you, Dave. That was your shot. "The lesson repeats as necessary."

-- Damian

Anthony Kuchar said...

So I have a few thoughts:

Let’s be honest here; SODAR was an ambitious passion project for Dave Sim and as long as he was willing to work on it "we", his core group of fans where willing to help him out on funding it. Dave shouldn't feel embarrassed or like he "effed everyone over". Dave's not been able to draw at 100% for years now. He's done an admirable job at keeping up face. We're all grown ups here and we all know what we where signing up for.
I supported his patreon knowing full well that the book might never be finished. Dave could get sick, the comics industry crashes (again)or as we've seen a global pandemic could just crash the entire world to a screeching halt.

I think that Dave has done enough for the medium of comics for a lifetime. If he doesn’t want to do SODAR anymore that’s fine. I’m a little disappointed but frankly it’s not why I’m sending him money. It’s because he’s Dave Sim, and we love him. He doesn’t need to deliver any more product to us. He’s old enough now that he should just be able to retire in peace and hopefully with an income that’s comfortable for him to live on. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as he still has to run the business of Ardvark-Vanhiem.

I think he should keep the Patreon active and just accept the money as a “thank you” from his fans. He’s got bills to pay and cutting out a source of revenue is just going to make it harder. If any of you have a problem with giving him money for a book that’s not coming out, then you can leave, but if even half stay then at least that’s a little chunk of change every month.

Dave doesn’t have kids to take care of him. He’s not in touch with his family. He’s got us. We’re his family.

Brian West said...

Happy to be of service. Only God knows (Sorry, Damian) what will happen next. So, like Matt said it ain’t over til it’s over. Look forward to what Dave and the many contributors of Aardvark-Vanaheim will do next creatively. With any luck SDOAR Vol 2 and 3 will actually reach the masses.

Jeff said...

"He's got us. *We're* his family." So true, Anthony. We should all find a way to help him out. He used to draw a C$1,200 monthly salary from A/V, Inc., and now he's down to C$350? That is terrible, saddening. Let's help out, folks, even if we don't get the full SDOAR.

Just so you know, he's not starving or homeless; the Off-White House is fully paid for and he only eats one meal a day. Heck, I could live off of $350 a month, not that I care to. But, let's help.

And, remember, Dave has helped *many* comics professionals over the last 30 years, or so.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I'm working on a digital version of the Cerebus Miscellany. (All the uncollected stories: Cerebus 0, The 1995 World Tour Book, Cerebus Jam, what have you...)

Right now, with OUT the notes section, it's 240 pages.

These are VERY VERY NOT-remastered copies of the art.

How much would you pay?

Email your answers to

Manly Matt Dow
(And if you haven't bought the Complete digital phonebooks from, it's only $99 Canadian. Just sayin')

Brian West said...

I can’t comment on the first q, Matt.

But I will start saving money to purchase all of Cerebus digitally. I also will start saving up for CAN9 whenever that comes down the pike.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Dave and the folks who've worked on this project still have not spoken, as a group, about where things stand in terms of finances and finished pages, or possible next steps. I hope there are plans to do so - not via fax or email, but over the phone or video (Zoom/Skype/etc.) so there is clear understanding among all parties.

Judging the viability of this project on the sales of an intentionally expensive fundraising edition that was barely advertised seems premature.

I look forward to seeing the printed book, and wish you all every success.

--Claude Flowers

Jeff said...

No offense, Matt, but why would you buy the digital download when you already have 295 of the floppies and all 16 books? I'd rather just send US$99 to Dave directly.

Jeff said...

I agree with everything you said, Claude.

Jason T said...

Very unfortunate news. While I won't be asking for a refund, I do want to support George's idea for a digital only version to be sent to the fundraising edition backers. Trying to proceed with a physical publication seems both financially and logistically dubious.

Carson, I appreciate your points. How much of what was to be published in the fundraising edition was your work? I was under the impression that most of the first two volumes were drawn from previously published work from Glamourpuss. Either way, I don't think fulfilling the orders for FE digitally cuts into whatever (clearly limited) interest there is in a physical copy. I would certainly be happy to buy it again.

I do have one question - where is IDW in all this?Back when SDOAR was first announced, it was as an upcoming publication from them.

I was also taken aback by Dave's suggestion that he will only clear 5K from the Waverly Press Cerebus #1 reprint. If accurate, this is scandalous from a Kickstarter that raised 43K. How much money are all the (to me, irrelevant) 'stretch goals' eating up? If this is what us to be expected from any future Waverly Press campaigns, I will have seriously reconsider my backing.

Steve Peters said...

I strongly disagree with Dave's decision to shut down his Patreon---it seems short-sighted to me. One, it is a proven source of income. Two, there is no reason it needs to be tied to the SDOAR project. Three, as others have said, some people are happy to donate just to help Dave out.

My understanding of Patreon is that it was inspired by how Renaissance artists would bring their patrons into their studios and show them whatever pieces they have in progress, give them the inside scoop. So why limit Patreon to items relating to SDOAR? Dave is always working on something. Tell the patrons about whatever it is he's doing. Make the Please Hold For Dave Sim interviews exclusively for patrons, or just take the best 9-minute segment and make it patron-only. There's endless other things to post about.

Though I understand it's a time-sucker. I certainly have a hard enough time posting to my own Patreon page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Jeff.

One more thing: This comment is confusing: "I get whatever I’m going to get on the CEREBUS No.1s (I’m guessing about $5K US of the $49K US will be left after all the expenses are paid and Dagon and I split the rest 50-50)"

Why is a project that is grossing $50,000 only going to net $10,000? Why is 80% of the money earned going to expenses and/or fees?

This sounds like a disappointing echo of an earlier fundraiser which I understand ended up losing money due to too many add-ons (posters, postcards, etc.), causing great complications in terms of assembling purchased items, and costing a fortune in postage. Jason's comment pretty much echoes my concerns.

I hope Dave, Eddie, Carson, and anyone else involved in the production of SDOAR can find time to talk, regroup, and keep the project moving forward. But it's been so long in the birthing, something needs to be released sooner rather than later. The longer time passes, the more expectations will be raised to unreasonable levels.

--Claude Flowers

Dion said...

“god is done with you Dave” - That’s a pretty horrible thing to say to anyone and I’m saying this as an atheist.
I get that you might not like Dave or share politics/beliefs. I probably have little crossover with the bloke in that department myself, but that kind of statement is just flat out hurtful at a time when it could do him the most damage - Not Cool.

Birdsong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Birdsong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave said...

I agree with Carson that crowdfunding a print edition is best idea. I do not want digital edition and I’ve been hyped on this book for years. Properly marketed I think it’d be big success!

Or I mean why not take it to a publisher like IDW or something?

What I suppose I would like to see digitally is proper collection of all his prose work. I’ve been banging this drum for years. I want a comprehensive and orderly combination of his thoughts on God combining extracts from letters with essays. I don’t know if it’s possible or if I’m the only one who would buy it. I do not understand his reluctance to embrace his skill as prose writer. It would be nice to at least publish what he’s done already in better format that series of letters.

Anyway sorry to hear unfortunate news. 2020 is big mess for everyone it seems.

Jeff said...

Yes, Dave (whoever), I agree. Where is IDW, the president of which once said that he was totally on-board? Granted, it's been 10+ years, but ... just sayin'.

Also, Dave, I have a treasure trove of letters to and from Sim, cached nicely in a plastic storage tub; 14+ years worth, before his drawing, inking, and writing hand gave out.

He is a good, stand-up guy.

Jeff said...

BTW, Dave, do you mean the essays he published in the back of the monthly floppies? 'Cause that would be a great book! I've also been pushing for it for years. "Islam, My Islam" is brilliant and takes at least a night to read, in full.

"Mama's Boy" is also excellent. Your opinions may vary.

Dave said...


Yes, those essays. I always have to go to floppies (or Margaret’s page) to read and would prefer book. The ideal version to me would include the essays, an edited version of the prose sections of Latter Days and 289/290, and pertinent selections from his letters and posts to old Yahoo chat group. It’s like Dave is making this work purposefully difficult to locate not unlike Cerebus stuffing his dream behind a brick in the wall in 291. I do not understand it. He could do print on-demand like how Rick Veitch is doing his new work. If he actually believes he is right and has discovered the function of life why hide it so obscurely. Given that drawing is no longer an option he can still type (presumably) and edit. I wish he’d just focus on writing something meaningful.

On that note the same goes for his absolute disinterest in proper marketing. The store visits to CA is a frankly ridiculous plan. The market is on the YouTubes and the Twitters. He could do all this from his house. He has the support. He just doesn’t want to. And that’s on him. Just like doing new, modern style versions of the “phonebooks”. Had this great opportunity with all the restorations and decides oh I’ll just print them EXACTLY THE SAME as I did 20+ years ago. His palpable disinterest translates into my disinterest as customer. Just wish he’d take responsibility for situation to appropriate degree.

Paul Slade said...

What (if anything) does all this mean for the continuing programme of remastering the Cerebus phonebooks?

Paul Slade said...

Also, just for the sake of argument, let's say I wanted buy a complete set of CAN#1-8 direct from Dave/AV. How much would that cost me? Or should I go via Diamond and my LCS instead?

Jeff said...

Damion? Please crawl back under your rock.

"god [or, "God",] is done with you," you wrote to and about Dave Sim.

How dare you?!? Dave is one of the most devoted believers I know, and I have known many. I don't care if you are an atheist, agnostic, or just plain against religion, or are just trying to stir things up (which, I get, in principle), but this is the worst thing you have ever posted here, at AMOC. Despite your very personal attacks against me.

Damion, I still don't understand why Matt hasn't banned you from this site, but, honestly?, you should be prohibited from this kind of ... stuff. Being provocative may be a fun hobby. I get it. But, being intentionally insulting to another person's religious beliefs, in such a manner, is beyond offensive.

You are scum. IMHO.

I hope that you will enjoy the rest of your next life, not at the bottom of the barrel, but stuck to the side of it (without anyone or anything that cares to help you), about three inches up, seeing all of the fish, wine, beer, aardvarks, Lords, Cabinet Ministers, albinos, or whatever and whoever, rise up and depart, only to slowly (over eons) realize that you will never rise above those three inches.

And, then, remain alone, unmourned, and unloved, slowly dying a second time, under an ass-load of potatoes. But, this time, much more slowly, as the fish and the aardvark and the Lord and the albino come and go... Dying on the inside of a barrel, affixed to the inside (left side, because you are the dictionary definition of gauche).

I hope that that won't happen, but God knows that you would have earned it.

I hope that there is enough time for you to become a better person. I doubt that that will happen, but;

"With God, all things are possible."

Jeff said...

Dave, I think it was Lenny Cooper (or, was it me?) who first suggested a bound copy of all of the essays. They were, from time to time, better than the "words and lines". Sim is a remarkably intelligent autodidact. I can always go back to the floppies, but a collected version would be a great addition.

Ibis said...

Was it ever made sufficiency clear to the audience that it was 'go time' for this project and that folks needed to commit, or it would perish?

Brian West said...

I’m going to break the sabbath to say a few things. I think going with the print edition is the way to go. It’ll be more expensive than going digital however with Carson‘s comments it might be the best way to respect at least Carson’s wishes, which is very important. Also as far as IDW is concerned: I think with their recent issues with finances they are no longer in the SDOAR picture. Dave mentioned it in one of the please holds and I don’t think he went into too much detail, that he was moving forward without them. However If I remember correctly Heritage Auctions was the new partner in SDOAR.

Fellas I know that you guys are angry with Damian. Perhaps rightfully so. But I think he needs to stay. One of the things about Dave Sim that I respect the most about him is his willingness to hear competing voices. Even those who vehemently disagree with him. I think keeping a fan who might be very unkind to Dave even though he’s said some very nasty things would show to even Dave’s harshest critics that he practices what he, for lack of a better word, preaches: intelligent, serious, discussion. Though sometimes Damian is not so serious with his comments. Also, forgiveness is the Christ-like action to take, I think. Of course, this is Matt’s call. I respect whatever decision he makes.
* * * *
Jeff, I think a powwow among the creators and contributors among themselves is a good idea. However, as someone who has recently been introduced to the world of teleconferences because of COVID I must say that ZOOM sucks. The platform is fine. But, the layout I loathe. Maybe things would be different with the SDOAR brain trust, equal footing among men, I think. But as a “ham and egger” myself who is low on the corporate pecking order Video conferencing like ZOOM has not leveled the playing field for me. Also, knowing a little about Dave, who doesn’t really truck with video interviews, ZOOM might be Hell on earth for him as a way of communication.

Still, I think the braintrust conferring among themselves is a good course of action to take. Zoom does offer a telephone option. Maybe that’s the way to go.

Steve said...

Hi All -

So, I'm not going to weigh in on SDOAR, Damian drama, or other topics.

I'm going to weigh in on income, to wit:

On eBay, in the ~ 90 days of March 16th to June 13th, I find 766 completed auctions when doing a "Cerebus" search.
Filtering these into three price ranges yields this:

1) 333 auctions under $8
2) 302 auctions $8 to $35
3) 114 auctions over $35

Let's assume an average sale of $3.50 for #1 and a $25 average for #2; this yields an income (before fees) of about $8,715.

Or, close to $3000 a month; let's say, after fees, $2500.

So monetize those Warehouse copies; continue to raid the stock stored at the Offwhite House or wherever they are.

Plenty of people are buying individual issues, runs, phone books. Good grief, some poor buyer paid Mile High $50 for a 5th printing of the first phone book.

Make up a "CIH? Fire Sale" sticker and slap that on the comic bags, make a 'level up' collectible out of the sale.

So yeah, it takes time, effort, all that inconvenient dynamic.
And shipping from Canada is expensive - is there any way to get bulk product to the US and sell from here?

Just saying, it's a source of income.
Not the preferable source, but it's there.


Oh yeah, the over $35 eBay tier yielded 114 sales with a rough total of $24,350. Average sale is around $210.

Tony Dunlop said...

I myself hate reading from a computer/tablet screen and have absolutely zero interest in having my SDOAR order filled digitally.
I *am* open to just writing off my contribution for the SDOAR Fundraising Edition, and paying Carson (who, let's remember, has been working for free) whatever he and his crew think is a fair price for print editions of Vols. 1 and 2 whenever they are ready.
Dave is ready to give up, but I'm not. I still want to read his (comics) work; he's still brilliant, if off-the-wall goofy sometimes.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I heard from the fella running the Kickstarter, and Dave is getting more than five grand.

He says Dave knows this, and doesn't understand why Dave said that.

I've deleted that part of the post because it wasn't true.

Let's all forget that part.


Sean R said...

Claude-- Dave's statement in re: the Kickstarter is simply untrue.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

David B. is a barbarian and a coward.

-- Damian