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Cerebus Around the World and Web #32 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

The Indiegogo ends Sunday night, so if you want a Remastered Cerebus #1, there's your FINAL ORDER CUT OFF.

The newest Cerebus In Hell? The Amicable Spider-Vark is available to order from Diamond. Green Dante/Green Virgil is in stores, and Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back should be in stores the last Wednesday of the month. 

Heritage has the cover for issue #30, and some glamourpuss art too.

Oliver Simonsen:
A while back I said I was actually looking for a black voice actor for Cerebus
Dave Sim says that the aardvark is an African mammal.
And Dave Sim pondered that Cerebus is black back in 1989 when creating a Bday card for Lenny Henry - think James Earl Jones channeling a seriously steamed George C. Scott.
And to solidify it further if Dave hasn't already elsewhere: just the other day (actually right before the police murdered Mr Floyd), in the course of discussing an Adult Swim pitch with a Producer, Dave Sim stated outright that Cerebus is indeed black. So I believe it is now for sure canon if there ever was any doubt. There aren't that many black comic or cartoon characters so i take this as a boon to diversity - even with a character as prickly as Cerebus.

Cerebus auction to help BLM fundraiser started by legendary Gail Simone

LAST DAY of "Cerebus #1 remastered and expanded" indiegogo is today! What an amazing run! Let's all hear it for the love of Cerebus #1! (And very bittersweet in light of yesterday's "Strange Death of Alex Raymond" news)

Cerebus movie poster

Cerebus by Douglas MCT
Jeff Seiler commissions Gerhard

Gerhard background progress for one of my favorite characters (...if ever get to do a Marvel film that would be the one:))
Andy Khouri, DC Comics Editor, quotes Cerebus
and compares Frank Quitely with Dave Sim and Gerhard

Fredrik Malmberg, President of Conan Properties, knows his Cerebus

Can't pass up "Cerebus in hell?"

Robert Brian L. West wearing his Joe Cerebus stunna-glasses-buttons

RIP Denny O’Neil. I hung out with him one night - he was staying at the Standard in Hollywood, which also doubles as popular nightspot. He was a lot of fun and i can not overstate the importance of his Green Lantern and Green Arrow comics on me.

Most famous encounter: smoked a J with Dave Sim

Pre-Cerebus Dave Sim

Cerebus inspires to make comics

Folks like Will Eisner and Dave Sim had great things to say about Amoeba Adventures - now available free from the creator, Nic Dirga

Dave Sim donated Spawn payment to charity

Cerebus and Spawn

Cerebus in Spawn #5 too

Cerebus issue #15

Cerebus, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
Cerebus and Howard the Duck

Cerebus and Spiderman

Cerebus and Punk

Cerebus and the DLC pack

Our hearts go out to Dave Sim, Carson Grubaugh, Sean Robinson, Eddie Khanna, "Jack VanDyke" and everybody who worked on "The Strange Death of Alex Raymond" - hopefully this is not the death of "strange death".

Cerebus T-shirt shared

Cerebus followed

Cerebus reread in Portuguese

Cerebus in Iceland
Cerebus goals

Fractured Destiny

Cerebus movie motto

Cerebus the cartoon aardvark

Cerebus the TV Trope

Cerebus Syndrome part of the vernacular

Cerebus quoted

Donate to Dave Sim Patreon (...or not in light of yesterday's blog post?)

Follow Margaret's account

AMOC twitter account running lots of great art
Margaret Liss: Part of my Cerebus shirt collection. See if you can find the one I had just two made of (yes, I sent the other one to Dave):
[Click for bigger -Matt]
Margaret shares Dave drawing Howard the Duck two years before Cerebus: "Dave did two pieces that appeared in the fanzine Graphic Visions #3 November 1975."
Margaret shares:
It isn’t everyday that I see an item with Cerebus that is new to me. Especially something from 1986. So when Steven S sent this to me in the mail my first words were ‘what the hell’. I thought they were fake tattoos. Nope, the paper is thick card stock. I looked up the name on it. The manufacturer is still in business. It is one of this sheets of potential tattoos that you flip thru while trying to decide which tattoo you’d want: a happy bee? A Pegasus? Nah, we’re going for Cerebus! Thanks Steven!
Kenneth W. Lieck shares "Dave Sim's tireless work as guest artist on Elephantmen #42-43 back in 2012"
Kenneth also shares: "Cerebus imagery reflecting all Hallmark-approved occasions! As such, I've endeavored to throw together some - so far I have covered New Year's Day, Dios de las Muertes, Groundhog Day (an old meme by me-me!) and, um, Ramadhanukkhristmas (maybe)..."
Larry Wooten joins in on the fun
Ron Essler unveils his latest masterpiece
a look at "the process"
A question regarding why missing annotations from Form & Void, Latter Days and The Last Day
Ron answers: It's because those volumes haven't been remastered. Going home has been. Dave basically got pirated copies and that's what CerebusDownloads offers. As a volume is remastered, the pirated files get replaced. As an example, Jaka's Story had 112/113 and Like-a-looks in it BEFORE it was remastered, because that's how the pirates had it.It sucks, but eventually, everything will be remastered, and the 16 physical books and the 16 digital books will match.
Dan Nitzani follows up with wishing for the miscellaneous missing issues, which inspires Ron to create one - for free!
Ron's Cerebus miscellaneous project is underway which encourages a lot of great info
In the comments Kenneth W. Lieck shares five otherwise-lost issues of Howard the Duck by Steve Gerber, Gene Colan and Val Mayerik
Jeff Tundis shares his site

And Margaret Liss shares her's

Ron follows up with this list:
Cerebus The Bootleg Miscellany: All the $#!* Dave hasn’t collected in one place
Here's the current Table of Contents:
Young Cerebus: 1390-1394
The Girl Next Door (1390, age five)
His First Fifth (1391, age six)
Selling Insurance (1393, age eight)
Squinteye the Sailor (1394, age nine)
Cerebus, Mercenary/Tax Collector/Freelance/Soldier: 1402-1411
The Defense of Fort Columbia (1402, age seventeen)
A Friendly Reminder (1403, age eighteen)
Anything Goes #3 cover by Neal Adams
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (1403, age eighteen)
The Invention of Armour 1404 (1404, age nineteen)
The Applicant (1405, age twenty)
Cerebus, Barbarian: 1411-1412
The Challenge
Cerebus versus the Spirit
The Name of the Game is Diamondback
A Night on the Town
Cerebus Dreams
What Happened Between Issues twenty & twenty-one
Cerebus, Former Prime Minister of Iest: 1414
The Morning After
Cerebus, Pope: 1414
Cerebus Dreams II
An Untold Tale of the “Secret Sacred Wars”
Square One
Cerebus, Houseguest: 1415
Cerebus, Non canonical: Team-ups, Cross-overs, & Oddities
The Face on the Barroom Floor
The Cerebus Guide to Self Publishing
Arnold the Issurian
Not including the notes section it's 240 pages.

Now, how much would you pay?
(The debate continues as details are ironed out as of this writing)
Lenny Cooper shares Tom Defalco podcast regarding Spider-Ham with Cerebus mentioned at the 12:50 mark - writer Tom says he can't say for sure if Cerebus influenced its character design as that is a question for the artists

James Windsor Smith shares Ed Piskor's and Jim Rugg's Kayfabe podcast featuring his work at @52:30. Jim Rugg reveals he diggs Dave Sim's "Strange Death of Alex Raymond" portion of glamourpuss comic more than Cerebus

James Windsor-smith: I drove to the comic store, one of my first times driving since my stroke, and picked these 2 up

James is rereading the Cerebus series
In the comments Comic and Film Critic Kyle Pinion says: I’m doing the same thing. I love reading Aardvark Comment and the ads for the various conventions. It’s like being in a paper time machine.

Sam Noir shares Cerebus #1 belonging to Kevin A. Boyd, Senior Comics Lead for Fan Expo HQ. Co-founder & Director of theJoe Shuster Awards.

Kevin: Here I am with Dave after he found the art for the cover to number one behind a bookshelf.

Entertainment Lawyer Kevin Harrison:
So...I’m an entertainment lawyer and I collect sketches of the Hulk as a lawyer. (It’s a long story.) I asked Dave if there was any way I could get a LawyerHulk sketch and he didn’t JUST draw the sketch on the top left, but he made the bottom layout for a comic strip using cutouts, and then had artist David Birdsong photoshop the layout into the finished strip on the top right. The strip will appear in a future issue of Cerebus In Hell!
Anyway, I sent them off to be framed months ago, and just got them back today!

Theodore Trout draws Cerebus
Theodore Trout animated Cerebus

we're bandying around ideas for Theodore to contribute to our Cerebus film. I've always pushed for issue 78, which is daunting for sure. It would be part of the psychedelic lama lotus scene in issue 1. What the artists have come up with so far is amazing, but I've always hoped we could include at least parts of issue 78 and now it might finally happen
[Click for bigger, since I'm not gonna resize it. -Matt]
Thanks Oliver!

And here's a rare photo of me with AMOC's Assistant Liaison for Zuckerburg based social media, Ron Essler:
I'm the one in the Graffiti Designs shirt...
Next Time: I've been up to know good...

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