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Please Hold For Dave Sim 6/2020

Hi Everybody!

Dave called. We talked an hour and fifty-seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds. Because we're chatty Kathys. I recorded. Then the editing and the uploading (so much the uploading!!!).

An now: Please Hold For Dave Sim June 2020:
This'll be For Sale as soon as I mail it up to Dave...
After the hellos and such, we get to Seiler's comment/question:
My question for Dave: Is not so much a question as it is a point of discussion.

Whereas, there is increasing evidence that the rioting, looting, arson, and destruction of private property (around the country but especially in Minneapolis) is being instigated by organized anarchists, and;

Whereas, the official website for DC Comics lists no direct corporate contact phone number (thus prohibiting direct oral feedback or questions) and;

Whereas, DC Comics and Warner Brothers published "V For Vendetta", a very popular and widely lauded comic book (and movie) about anarchism, that was set in the near (or past) future, therefore:

Should not DC Comics (and Warner Brothers) release a statement which would clearly, definitively, and vociferously denounce the anarchistic actions of a relatively small group of *organized* outsiders who have attempted to overrun the great metropolitan areas around the country, most notably the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota?(Apologies if DC and Warner Brothers have done so, but, if they have, it is not readily apparent.)

And, for that matter, it might be nice to get some input from Alan Moore. (I don't know his website address [if there is one]), so maybe he has spoken out and I'm not aware of it. I freely admit that.

This is just a curious (and somewhat invested and concerned) Minneapolis resident's take about these interesting times, as well as the people with whom he shares space.

Thoughts, Dave?

This goes on for a bit... (If you wanna avoid this, skip to part 6.)

And continues... (I SAID it goes on for a bit...)

A melody of Dave's favorite show tunes.

Nah, more of the discussion of Seiler's question. (Thanks Jeff...)

Okay, if you were waiting to skip the Minnesota stuff, you wanted to skip to this one.

Sean Robinson wanted to now about when Dave got the original cover art to Cerebus #1 back from Preney Print and Litho Inc.:

And NOW, the first ever installment of Please Hold For Dave Sim Jr.!!!

My first daughter Janis and her best friend Alayna wanted to ask Dave questions. (Alayna thinks it's amazing that I have a YouTube channel, and every time she sees one of my Cerebus shirts she exclaims how I have "merch"...)

Dave answers Jeff's OTHER question:...which he sent direct to Dave, so I don't have a copy to cut and paste (Sorry Jesse...yell at Jeff, it's HIS fault (but then again, what isn't?).) AND Dave answers MY question:
I wanna know more about the Cerebus Debris Field. When I read that Cerebus was going to chuck it all and sail to the New World, my jaw hit the floor. The three other things I know that are in the debris field is: Harpo playing the harp in #300, Old Cerebus dreaming he’s sailing down the river Styx and seeing Cerberus, and older Lord Julius and Baskin in Palnu bottling liquor. Any other major debris hunks you sorta remember?

And when did you decide Cerebus WASN’T going on the boats? Re-reading Church & State, I’ve seen a couple of instances where it seemed like you were laying the groundwork for Cerebus to quit and take off.

Dave continues to answer my question about the Cerebus debris field of abandoned plots and sequences and ideas.

Dave finishes with the Debris Field question and then answers my next question about this panel:
Did the artist chap with the hair find it on the same day too? What about Henrot, the Magicking, the Roach, Elrod, Astoria, and Necross?

Dave continues to answer my question about the ascension, and then we talk Gil Kane, Barry Windsor-Smith, Frank Miller, Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I tell the story of the second time I got Frank Miller's autograph.

Dave responds to David Birdsong's question/comment:
For Dave:

My wife asked me if we were going to address the current situation with the daily strips. I told her that I didn't see any humor in watching a police officer murder someone on TV. I don't find righteous protest funny either (if you start protesting something silly? "Trees are ALIVE! They have feelings!" or "I need my zebra on the plane! It's a service animal!" Then you are fair game). Rioting, wanton destruction and looting are about funny as a brick to the face. So no, I don't think I can come up with anything very funny right now.

Which begs the question - am I wrong? Is there humor to found here? There are jokes about Christ on the cross ("Peter, I can see your house from here"). There are jokes about how jokes about Lincoln's assassination aren't funny. I'm sure someone has made jokes about the Holocaust. We make comics about how suffering for all eternity in hell is kind of funny because when someone has done so poorly at life that they end up in the Infernal Realms and they still don't get it, they are still ruled by their id? That's a gold mine of opportunity for funny comics, but there are some subjects that are too off limits even for me who told someone that Princess Leia jokes were ok even if Carrie Fisher had only recently died. Even a jerk like me has his self-imposed limits.

Having said that, Dave has told us if we find something funny we should go with it. After all, laughter is a human response to something we find funny. It's a sense of humor. You SENSE that something is funny whether you THINK you should or not.


Sorry to keep this going. I really don't think AMOC is the place for discussion about the current mess our country is going through. You can find forums for that all over the web. Like I said above, I don't think you'll see any CIH? strips about it. The current "Pappy" Cerebus storyline will run until the end of this month followed by a hilarious send-up of... well, stay tuned. By then I hope this whole mess will be, if not settled, then perhaps settled down.

Dave and I discuss "offensive" humor.

And we bring it on home with Dave singing me goodbye and me getting one last thing in.

Okay, enjoy.

Next Time: Oliver and links and links and links...


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