Wednesday, 3 June 2020

The Vault of Cerebus Cover

Benjamin Hobbs:

David Birdsong sent me the cover for VAULT OF CEREBUS and asked me to finish the color on it:

The logo was colored in the version he sent.
So I did:

Logo and banners colored by Birdsong.

 Dave had this to say about the proof copy of the book:

Here's the "nuanced colouring job" all by itself:

Next Week: The revised CIH? 2020 release schedule?


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


NOW that e-mail makes sense...


Michael R. said...

When Dave says "if the last REAL cover that I ever do", how much of it does Dave pencil and ink?

Also, tremendous cover!

Birdsong said...
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Jeff said...

Um ... I can make the words seem not to be so bad ... is that better than not so gud?

And, you guys is really gud at what you do.