Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cerebus #50 Dedication

Cerebus #50 (May 1983)
Art by Dave Sim

(from A Note From The Publisher, Cerebus #50, May 1983)
This issue is the final chapter in Dave's 500 page graphic novel, High Society. Together, we have watched an insignificant barbarian become a powerful political figure... When the story was ended Dave discussed with me the possibility of dedicating this issue. In his own words to "Lech Walesa because of his political integrity against overwhelming odds", "the memory of John F. Kennedy and the words of his speechwriters for the idealism they invoke", "to Wendy Pini for her steadfast view that real heroes should cry real tears" and to "the memory of Gene Day for always pushing back the boundaries of graphic art."

Given enough thought, the list becomes endless. Some may call these people heroes, some may not, but choosing one person became a hopeless task.

There is one "personal hero", however that we both agree on, John Lennon, a man of peace, shot down in violence.

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