Saturday, 7 April 2012

The End Of High Society

Cerebus #50 (May 1983)
Art by Dave Sim
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(from Aardvark Comment, Cerebus #53, August 1983)
Many letter-writers took issue with the portrayal of idealism in the concluding chapters [of High Society]. I was attempting to address the fact that idealism exists in myriad forms and gradations. Cerebus' assertion "Cerebus thought he could... make a difference," seems to have lodged uncomfortably in more than a few fannish craws. The fact remains that he did think that way. Note the pause in the phrase. He begins "Cerebus thought he could..." It was my thought that he would have continued on to say "...conquer the whole continent" or "... establish an empire that would last a thousand years." In the context of the moment, this struck him as more than a little ridiculous so he modifies it to something a little less depressing and ends up admitting what he was really trying to do (what, I would guess, every would-be Alexander, feels in his heart of hearts)... he wanted to be the instigator of change.

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