Tuesday 8 May 2012

Mind Games

Cerebus #20 (September 1980)
Art by Dave Sim

(from the No More Games essay in Following Cerebus #8, May 2006) 
The Mind Games were about contact with other consciousnesses and ostensibly higher and more adept consciousnesses.

(from the No More Games essay in Following Cerebus #8, May 2006)
Early on, the Mind Game issues of Cerebus helped establish that the series was not going to be standard comic book fare. Issue 20 contained the first such story, and a quick glance made it clear that Dave Sim was engaged in experimental storytelling. As other Mind Game issues followed (in High Society, Church & State and Flight), they continued not only to have distinctive visuals, but to contain an ongoing story thread by themselves - their own subtle subplot that, we will argue, became the dominant story element by the end of Mothers & Daughters.

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