Thursday 31 May 2012

Kickstarter Celebrity Supporters

(via Kickstarter Comments, 30 May 2012)
Glad to contribute - heck I was there at the beginning. Tell Dave I wish him the best of luck - it is a brilliant idea to do this!

(via The Beat, 30 May 2012)
This is pretty cool. I’m in. I’ve been meaning to revisit Cerebus for some time. I still think next to Eisner, Dave has some of the strongest use of graphics - as in sound effects and word balloon placements - on a page. A lot of people knock Dave etc etc but he has always been a strong supporter of my work, especially in the early days of self-publishing, when a leg up really meant a lot.

(via Twitter, 29/30 May 2012)
Dave Sim did me a good turn, back in the day. Time to return the favor [via a Kickstarter link]... You'll have to deal with the fact that Dave Sim did a lot to save my ass once upon a time, and I recognise that.

(via Twitter, 30 May 2012)
Likewise... When I was starting out with Astro City, I wanted to let the 'smart' stores know it wasn't just normal superhero stuff. Dave Sim gave me a long list of indy-friendly comic stores and we did a targeted mailing of a full copy of #1 to them. I think it made a huge difference. Dave didn't ask for anything for the list and I have no idea if he even liked the book. He just helped because he could.

(via Twitter, 30 May 2012)
What @ColleenDoran said.

(via Twitter, 25-30 May 2012)
I think it's a shame that Dave Sim's notoriety and his (admittedly) polarising views have overshadowed just how revolutionary Cerebus was... I've been looking back [at] the middle years of Cerebus lately, and narratively Sim was doing things no one else has tried yet... It just seems shortsighted for a creative community to dismiss an entire work due to objections about the creator's beliefs and attitudes... It was SO talked about twenty years ago, and not at all now. I think too many are missing out on a key bit of comics history... I'm a little over halfway through the first Cerebus trade in my reread, and its striking how much better Sim got, and how quickly... By the time we meet Lord Julius in Palnu, I was thing, "Oh, right, now THIS is Cerebus."

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You too can support Dave Sim's project to digitise all 6,000 pages of Cerebus by making a Kickstarter pledge. Only 29 days to go!

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