Sunday 3 February 2013

The High Society Collection: Original Art Auction

Own a piece of Cerebus! Dave Sim is auctioning 10 pages of High Society original art at Heritage Auctions. Internet bids can be placed until 21 February, or you can bid in person at the live auction held in the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion, 2 East 79th Street, New York on 22 February. The pages being auctioned are:

I think those are some really cool pages, and practically even tiny dot of ink is a memory for me. While they are out of my price range, I'm sure there's someone out there reading this for which this will be a comfortable buy. If nothing else, you should maybe click through and go to the giant scans of the pages; they're really something, those scans.


Tony Dunlop said...

Wow, pages from #36! I remember when Dave said that one was never going for sale.

dylanio21 said...

Dave Sim is so smart and talented, the idea of just being able to look in the ol' archives and not needing to worry about the bills for a month is completely beyond me.

Dominick Grace said...

Almost 20% "Premium" automatically added to your bid? Yikes!

TIP said...

I would love that page from Issue 50 BUT...the first page from Issue 44 was the first page of Cerebus I ever read (having picked that issue up at my LCS back in the day).